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Metro 72 hour passes in Vienna

We will be arriving by air on a Sunday into Vienna, and want to buy 72 hour metro passes, without using a ticket machine.
The WL ticket office at PRATERSTERN WIEN, is closed on Sundays, where our hotel is.
I was wondering if there is a store in Vienna airport where I can buy them, of if there is a WL office at BAHNHOF FLUGHAFEN WIEN,
where I can get them.
thanks for any help.

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Why do you want not to use a ticket machine? Using it is no rocket science. It has a touch screen, you can switch the menus to English, and you can pay with a credit card.

There are ticket machines at the airport train station (underneath the arrival hall), from where you can take the S7 train line directly to Praterstern (departure every half an hour). Alternatively you can take the RailJet express train to Vienna main train station (a 15 minutes ride) and change to subway (metro) line U1 (red line) to go to Praterstern.

The 72-hours-pass is valid for the whole area of the State of Vienna. The airport is outside of it, i.e. in the adjacent state, so you need an add-on ticket to the border of Vienna if you have already the 72-hours-pass, which you have to tell the machine.

Another way to buy the 72-hours-pass is via the WienMobil app on your mobile phone, for the add-on ticket you will need the OBB app. You will see that using the ticket vending machine is much easier.

I do not know whether the tobacco and newspaper shop at the airport sells 72-hours-passes.

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Why don’t you want to use a ticket machine? You might be able to buy a 72 hour pass at the Tabac with cash at the airport, but I’m not sure.

PS - Call it U-Bahn, not Metro (here in Vienna that is the name of a big discount store and folks won’t know what you’re talking about).