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Melk to Kremer on a bike

My family plans to take a train to Melk and ride bikes down to Krems. We did this many many years ago and seem to remember that the wineries were identified by straw wreaths on the outside of large wooden doors. None of these wineries appeared to be open as each door had zero windows and appeared closed. However, once we overcame being uncomfortable just opening the door with the wreath, we entered a whole new world! These doors lead to wineries with delightful vineyards jutting up behind them .

Can someone tell me if this is still the same ? Do the wineries still identify as welcoming guests with a straw wreath on their door? Or, do I need to make reservations at each planned stop? It was so much fun just biking and exploring never knowing what was on the other side of the door with the wreath. I hope it’s still the same but I cannot find a book or site that describes it the way I remember it. I welcome all suggestions.

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This tradition dates back to the 18th century - it was a legal requirement at this time - and it is not likely to cease rather soon.

To get an overview which winery (called "Heuriger") is open at a certain time you should look up what is called "Heurigenkalender" in Austria.
There are general ones, i.e. for a whole region, and there is an own for each town or village.

Here two examples.

Heurigenkalender for the Wachau region:

Heurigenkalender for Weißenkirchen: