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March 2022 - Palais Liechtenstein in Vienna Open and Free

For the month of March only, the Palais Liechtenstein, notable for its library and art collection, is open and free to the public. The palais is usually only open to those registered for a special guided tour, which are nearly all in German.

I visited yesterday and was greeted by an amazing golden carriage from the 18th century in the main hall. The library is open as are several rooms of art. Important Canaletto's are a part of this special exhibit. I will mention that that only the first floor is open and free in March.

On a warm/sunny day, the gardens surrounding the palais are lovely as are the nearby Strudlhofstiege (an outdoor Art Nouveau stairway). The palais is located in the 9th District, just north of the Ring. On your way back to the Ring, check out the Servitengasse between Grünentorgasse and Porzellangasse for some cute shops and cafes.

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The area Emily refers to is often called " Little Paris " and is a delight to stroll . The Porzellangasse was the original location of the manufactory established by Du Paquier in 1719 to produce European hard paste porcelain . This was the second such producer in Europe after Meissen . Ultimately , Du Paquier's efforts evolved to become Augarten Vienna Porcelain . All products beautifully hand painted in the manufactory located in The Augarten .

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Sounds great. What is the general mood in Vienna? Does it seem open? What proportion of Wieners wear masks? Do you feel comfy in public? We have not been in Vienna since 2011, and want to go back.

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The mood in Vienna? Pretty positive. Cases are the highest they have ever been, but restrictions are loosening up daily because hospitalizations and deaths are low. Mask compliance is 100% here in places where masks are required, which is mainly indoors and on public transportation. People do not wear them outside unless in a very crowded setting, like a pro-Ukraine demonstration.

I feel comfy and can go anywhere I want to. No need to show 3G proof now in most places. Restaurants still require 2G in Vienna, but that's it.

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Sorry, what is "2G"?
As they taught us at school, "g" is the free fall acceleration, g = 9.81 m/sec2...

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"2G" here is a German abbreviation, which stands for "geimpft, genesen" (vaccinated , recovered) , or getestet (tested) . There used to be 3G" which obviously is stricter than " 2G"

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If you’re traveling to Austria, then you must understand the “G”s:

3G means: fully vaccinated or recovered or tested (PCR or antigen test)

2.5G means: fully vaccinated or recovered or tested (only PCR tests apply)

2G means: fully vaccinated or recovered, tests are not accepted.

2G+ means: fully vaccinated or recovered and additionally PCR tested. If there is evidence that a PCR test is not available, an antigen test will suffice. Individuals who can be shown to have had a Corona infection within the last 90 days do not need a PCR test.

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I got 2 Moderna jabs, which is "fully vaccinated" in my mind.
Does it meet 2G, please?

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2G aka fully vaccinated: for a period of 6 months after the second jab or 9 months after the third jab.