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Looking for a nice, affordable hotel in/near Gratz 28 June - 01 July

Can anyone recommend a safe, nice, not crazy expensive hotel in near Gratz (or Spielberg) for 28 June to 01 July? (Grand Prix event is concurrent with this).
(and the best way to get back and forth between Gratz and Spielberg)

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affordable hotel

What Jeff Bezos or Bill Gates would call 'affordable' and what is in my affordable range are likely not the same.

What is your 'affordable' ?

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Thanks the Hotel Daniel Graz looks like a great hotel--unfortunately it's book up. Thanks again.

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The grand prix is the end of June, you are probably months too late to find anything. You might even have to look at Vienna or Salzburg.

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Did a search on for your dates. filtered for $370 max and a 7.0 or better rating. "96% are booked" ( 11-18 properties available depending on the $350 vs $370 price point ( 2 occupants) When "A/C" is one on the filters the number of properties is even less.

There are some showing for your dates and budget, but I have no personal experience with any of them.

Anything in Speilberg that wasn't a tent was $1000+ per night.

Happy hunting!