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Hi after my Swiss tour m visiting salsberg for 2nites n vienna for 1 nite.later flying out to India.do I need to take a pass or so to move arnd in local transport....in salzberg or a point to point ticket works out better.if buying a pass shud I go for two days pass???,
V r taking the sound of music tour.ny other tour u suggest v must take or could go on our own.heard bout d salt mine tour.is it worth it or shall v skip??pls guide me as to how we could make use of our time effectively in these two places without much of a hassel..n wastage of time.my dates r 11-14 September.NY clue bout d weather......do get back at d earliest.......
Thank you

Posted by Karen
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Many of the sights within Salzburg are fairly central and you can walk between them (old town, the fortress, Mirabell Gardens, Mozart houses.) As long as you don't mind walking, I wouldn't get any type of bus pass. If you are in Salzburg for 2 nights and you are already taking an SOM tour, I wouldn't take another tour. I would spend the rest of the time seeing sights on my own. If you are interested in it, in the evening a good thing to do is attend a Mozart concert or dinner concert. I have been in Salzburg that time of year and the weather was great-sunny and probably in the upper 70s F most days-but you can't predict what will happen this year. It could be much warmer or cooler and/or more rain.

Posted by Laura
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I agree with Leigh's reply. The salt mine tour is different and interesting, but I would not choose it over having time to see Salzbug pretty well.

Posted by nitakamat
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Thank you.any particular area we can just hang around in d evening to soak in the weather.wats this salt mine tour??,how about a visit to the fort by a furnicular train .....immaterial of attending the concert.any gud n convenient hotel, centrally located n close to these sites you can suggest us.pls help