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Leichenstein planning

Rick S does not cover this area so i am looking for a poss itinerary by car or public transport whatever make sense. This would be for 2016 summer or fall. Lots of flexibilty with duration. Interested in B& Bs and beautiful vistas. Would like to stay max $150 per ni with brfast inc. hopefully less now than dollar is strong.
Thx in adv.

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Been there. Palace on top of hill above the city. It's just a tiny little place and more of place to stop for a pit stop rather than an overnight destination.

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RS has a TV episode that deals with the small countries/principalities. Is LStein not on that program? I thought he also covered it in one of the guidebooks as a few pages.

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You can walk from the extreme north of Liechtenstein to the extreme south in about four hours. Very little to see, actually the Heidi park in nearby Maienfeld, Switzerland, is much more scenic and entertaing.

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Thx to all that replied. Sounds like austria and switzerland are a better combo.
Great site.

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There is a McDonalds on the main road through so you can say that you stopped and had a meal.

Remember that while the US dollar is stronger at the moment, in 12 months or more, who knows?

Also, at the moment, the Swiss Franc is exceptionally strong - and that is the currency is used in Liechtenstein - and using the dollar there is expensive at the moment.

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There's nothing wrong with Liechtenstein. It's a perfectly nice little (VERY little) country, and the fact that it sits mostly in a broad Alpine valley doesn't hurt. But, other than the unique black registration plates on the cars, it looks completely indistinguishable from neighboring areas of Austria and Switzerland. The only thing I saw that looked particularly interesting is a nifty castle in the southern tip of the country. But that's it.