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Itinerary question-opinions please

We will be travelling from Vienna to Munich this summer and have two different options:

  1. Vienna to Salzburg, afternoon sightseeing, spend the night, morning sightseeing, then proceed to Munich in the afternoon.

  2. Vienna to Munich and do a day-trip to Salzburg

We originally planned 4 nights in Munich with a day trip to Salzburg but I've been thinking about one night in Salzburg and 3 nights in Munich. I've been to Salzburg (and love it) but my daughter has not. We will be travelling by train.

In general I'm in favor of 4 night stays whenever possible and dislike 1 nighters, but would like other opinions on this one.

Thanks for your help.

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You will be going through Salzburg, the train will even stop, on the way to Munich. I don't see the benefit for going another 90 minutes to Munich and then backtracking the 90 minutes back. Then do it all over again.

I vote number one.

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Agree that 1 seems your most efficient option. I think it would be more tiring to try to do Salzburg as a day trip from Munich.

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I dislike day trips even more than one-nighters. Backtracking wastes 3 hours travel + the time it ties to get to and from train stations, + lunch, postcard shopping, etc. So how much would you really get to see? Barely enough time to enjoy a Mozartkugel.

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I would spend as much time as you possibly can in Salzburg... one of my absolute favorite cities. So much to see and do, and the slow pace of the city is contagious. I am clearly biased because I love Salzburg.

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It make sense to stop in Salzburg on your way to Munich instead of backtracking. I would consider at least one overnight. We stayed in hotel Elephant. Excellent location and accommodation.

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I agree with the staying one night in Salzburg. I will be doing the same in June but in the opposite direction.