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itinerary help Austria

Hi there,

Just looking for some feedback with our proposed itinerary. We are a family of 6 traveling with car in August. It is our first time in Austria.

Aug 6- 1 night Fussen, Germany - Neuschwanstein
Aug 7-11- 4 nights Bad Feilnbach, Germany . I was unable to find anything in Alpbach so this place looked great as well. We are hoping to head out for lots of hiking. It is free cancellation so I could try for a different base but the reviews on this airbnb are amazing so would like to keep it if possible? The chalet is full for the rest of the month already so unfortunately I am not flexible on these dates unless I drop it all together.

4-5 nights?- help with next base or two and maybe we need to drop some stuff but we would like to incorporate:
Hallstatt for 1/2 day
1 day Salzburg possibly
Grossglockner Pass
and my teenage daughters would really really like to do Olpererhutte.

We are okay with missing Innsbruck. Would love to find a farm stay if I can just pin down where our best place to stay would be?
2-3 nights Vienna? ( will stop and see either Mauthausen or Melk Abbey or St. Florian Monastery on route)
Thank you for your help in advance!

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Where are you flying into and out of?

I am staying in the Salzkammergut area of Austria in September and found a lot of rental options on Airbnb. I chose that area for the proximity to the lakes and Salzburg.

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You should note that Aug. 15 is a public holiday in Austria.

I'd suggest that you base in the Salzkammergut area for your Hallstatt/Salzburg base.

For a farm stay in the Salzkammergut, you should search here -

On your way to Vienna, visit Melk - it is the best of the three options.

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I think that Vienna is a must, at least 3-4 days. Salzburg is OK. For Hallstadt see post below (about article in NYT). In my opinion the same goes to Neuschwanstein. Such places are so overcrowded and touristy that visiting is a waste of time. Visit any other Austrian villlage instead. If you must, visit Neuschwenstein but don't stand in lines to pay the ticket and visit indoors. You would rather visit Munich and some of the museums (Residenz) or Nymphenburg. Or some less touristy Ludwig's castle like Linderhof.

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This trip is part of a much bigger road trip through Europe. We are hoping to get a bit more off the beaten path when we come through Germany and will have seen a lot of nicer quieter castles and ruins it is expected. We are not going in Neuschwanstein...just want to have a quick look from the lookout (if it is open). Same for Hallstat....would ideally just pop through early am or later evening.

We are headed to Budapest after Vienna and then down to the Balkans after that.

Will select Melk from the list of 3 to stop off at on our way through.
I like your suggestion for residence museum Munich as well "mislavzoranic". Thanks for that.

Now if we use Salskammergut as our we just drive the Grossglockner from there and do a return trip that same day (is that what most people do)

Do you see anyway to fit that Olberer hutte hike in...maybe even when we stay in Fussen or are you suggesting to drop that one?

August 15th noted!! Maybe a lake day on that one perhaps?