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Itinerary Advise Needed

Hi, I am looking for some advise and suggestions on the itinerary and routes below, we are looking for a city where can we visit on 27/12 and 28/28 along the way and before reaching in Budapest?

21/12 Munich (arrival- 7:10)
21/12 Innsbruck
22/12 Innsbruck
23/12 Salzburg
24/12 Salzburg
25/12 Salzburg
26/12 Hallstatt (day trip from Salzburg)
27/12 ????
28/12 ????
29/12 Budapest
30/12 Budapest
31/12 Budapest
1/1 Budapest
2/1 Vienna
3/1 Vienna
4/1 Vienna (flight - 14:55)

Thanks in advance.

Best Regards,

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You have a very short time in Vienna, considering how many things there are to see there, so consider adding some days there.

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I think I'd add days to Vienna and do Vienna before Budapest, except for the night before your flight. On one of those Vienna days, I'd suggest a day trip to Bratislava.

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Is there a reason you are not staying in Munich for a couple of nights? I would take Munich over Innsbruck. Why don't you stay in Hallstatt overnight instead of doing it as a day trip? I think your Budapest Vienna ratio is good. Vienna has some nice museums, but otherwise I didn't much care for Vienna. Loved Salzburg.

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Hi all, thanks for your response.

Hi jlkelman,

As we had been visited and stayed in Munich during our last trip, so not plan to stop over this time. Initially I planned to stay in Hallstatt for a night but reliazed Ice grave and salt mine will closed for December, that the reason why i change to day trip.

Another place I would like to visit will be Cesky Krumlov on 27-28 Dec, but thinking of the travel time,from Cesky Krumlov to Budapest will be quite far. So would like to see and consider any other option and place can visit along that way.

For the returning flight ticket has been confirmed from Vienna, so cannot make it change for that.

Thanks in advance!

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Your timing is a bit unfortunate as you will really be here when the Christmas markets are over. I'd completely skip Innsbruck and focus on Salzburg/Wolfgangsee area up until Christmas, then head on to Vienna where you might be able to catch a few markets in between Christmas and New Year's. Keep in mind that wherever you are on Dec. 24, 25 and 26, there won't be much open or going on at all. Best to be in a big city on those days. I'd end the trip in Budapest and then take the direct bus from Budapest to the Vienna airport on your last day to save time (the VIE airport is on the way to Budapest).

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To get from Salzburg to Budapest you have to go through Vienna. You might consider splitting Vienna with a day there on the way to Budapest and a day before your flight out. Sort of breaks up the trip.

As for what to do with the two extra days:

2 days in Vienna is sort of short so maybe a day there.

For the second day there is a town in Hungary exactly half way between Vienna and Budapest called Győr. Your train will stop there anyway so its not at all out of the way. Győr has a nice Baroque center with a smattering of Gothic.

There is a 18th century cloister that has been converted into the Hoel Klastrom in the center of town. While only a 3 star its a very nice 3 star

Then outside of Győr is the Archabbey at Pannonhalma. A beautiful monastery/school/vineyard that dates back to the 13th century.

Or spend the time in Budapest and take an overnight trip to Eger or Pecs.

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Or move Budapest forward so you will be in Vienna for New Year's Eve -- waltzing in the streets !!

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Thanks to all for your help so far. We really appreciate all the advice given to us.

Will review and replan as per your valuable suggestions, thanks again!

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Ok. My opinion, stay an extra night in Innsbruck. The Christmas markets are terrific, plus the backdrop of the alps right there is a huge bonus. We’ve been twice for the Christmas Markets. Also visit Hall in Tirol for its “very local” feeling market. Easy to cross into Italy and visit the charming old town of Sterzing/Vipiteno and its smal Market.

Go up the Nordkettenbahn while in Innbruck if the weather is clear. At least go to Hungerburg for views over the old town and the surrounding alps.


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I'd end the trip in Budapest and then take the direct bus from Budapest to the Vienna airport on your last day to save time (the VIE airport is on the way to Budapest).

No way, IMHO. I am not aware that there is a bus from Budapest to Vienn Airport, but even if it was, the travel time would be about 4 hours, compared to 2:40 hours by train to Vienna main train station, from where you have a 16 minutes ride to the airport.

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Flixbus offers a Budapest to VIE airport direct route with a bus every hour for 13.90 Euro with a travel time of 2 hours 40 minutes. If you take the train, not only is it more expensive, but you have to spend additional time getting from Hauptbahhof back over to the airport (which you would have already passed on the train, so back-tracking). The bus is a very time efficient way to approach this journey.

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You are right. I did not consider Flixbus.
I am not such a fan of bus travel, I prefer the comfort of a train. Besides that, I don't like Flixbus because of their business model of having sub-companies operating for them with low fares forced upon. If such a (comparably small) sub-company wants to stay in business with Flixbus they have to exploit the bus drivers, not only by paying low wages, but using any trick to extend their shift which is limited by law.