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It's blazing hot in Vienna - is it okay for men to wear shorts?

With recent (and predicted future) temperatures exceeding 90 degrees F, I was interested in hearing from some folks who are currently in Vienna as to whether a lot of men are wearing shorts? I will be in Vienna in a few weeks and if this hot weather persists I dread having to wear long pants to run around the city. Not planning to go to the opera or other places where one might be expected to dress up a bit; just probably going to museums, cafes, heurigen, etc. Thanks.

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Again, wasn't there but Berlin, Nuernberg, Koeln, and Bonn shorts are de rigueur for casual bopping around.

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I agree with Sam, I just got back from Germany and saw many men in shorts in the major cities. Then it turned cooler and drizzly and the shorts were replaced by long pants and umbrellas. Be flexible.

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I have been in Vienna many times in spring and summer and wore shorts everywhere. It is no problem at all.

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It was VERY hot when we were there a few weeks ago and everyone was in shorts (women and men) or skirts unless they were dressed otherwise for religious reasons. Don't think twice about it!

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I live in Vienna. Everyone wears shorts, including my husband (all day every day). Where do these ideas come from that people in Europe don't wear shorts???

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The idea comes from the fact that I don't recall many men wearing shorts in Vienna and other major European cities, at least some 20 years ago when I last lived in Vienna and traveled around Central Europe. I am glad to hear that comfort is trumping fashion.

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Hi Robert

I was just there a couple of weeks ago -- yes, shorts are fine and everyone (locals and tourists) was wearing them. You won't look out of place; you may look like a tourist, if you're wearing a camera around your neck, but the shorts won't be the issue.

By the way, it did quickly turn cold (and rainy) on a few days, so pack an umbrella and a sweater (or buy one there).