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Is it safe to for women to walk alone to Salzburg HBf in the early morning?

My hotel is a decent walk from the Salzburg HBf train station, and I need to leave my hotel around 5am my day of departure to get there. I have to walk through a wooded area for a little while. Is this relatively safe? Are there extra precautions I should take?

This will be in the summer.

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I have been to Salzburg twice and walked to the train station myself and I have always felt safe there. But as a man I don't always think about how it would be for a single female. For peace of mind it might be prudent to take a taxi and remove all chances. To be honest, I have always felt safer in Europe walking on the street than in the USA, Europeans don't carry guns and have good access to mental heath facilities.

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If you are concerned can you not get a taxi? The hotel would be the best source of local knowledge about any concerns you may have.

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I can't imagine a woody area near the HBF or in Salzburg center. Where is your hotel? All of this said, it is very safe. I am a woman and I would feel totally comfortable at 5 am. At that hour, workers are already on the streets getting to jobs. If it is summer, then it will also be daylight already.

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If you are concerned, just ask your hotel to call a taxi. As a single female, that's what I usually do if traveling at an early hour. That said, I'm unaware of any woods near the train station.

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My hotel is a decent walk from the Salzburg HBf train station ...

How far is "decent"?

The train station is in the middle of the city. It needs at least a walk of 2 miles just to leave the urban area. And even around the city there are not too many woods close by.

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Please take a taxi and take that worry away.

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By 5 am it will be daylight, one of the advantages of summer travel.