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Innsbruck/Swarovski side trip?

Hi everyone! My wife and I will be taking a long train trip from Salzburg to Wengen and I wondered if it would be possible to break up the trip for a few hours in Innsbruck and see the Swarovski museum. Is it worth it? How long to get from the train station? Any ideas or better places to visit with just a few hours? Thanks in advance!

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Everything I’ve ever read or heard about Swarovski’s Museum is that it is incredibly tacky and disappointing. Spend your time elsewhere.

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Swarovski “Kristallwelten” are not in Innsbruck but in Wattens. They offer a shuttle bus from Innsbruck main station that takes about 30 minutes.
In case you break the travel for 4 hours you could do it.
I have been there many years ago. It was a bit kitschy but fascinating. My wife loved it.

Alternatively you may just walk 10 minutes into Innsbruck Altstadt, there is a least a large Swarovski store. Follow the Inn river to Innsbruck Congress Center. From there Hungerburgbahn (a funicular railway) takes you up to Hungerburg for a view over Innsbruck and the valley. Depending on your time schedule and weather you could take the cable car up to Nordkette mountains.

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If you stop in the Innsbruck old city for the Swarovski shop, you can have lunch at the Altstadt-Schmankerl not far away. One of my go-to places.

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Hi, I have to agree, stop in Innsbruck and go to the Swarovski store there. My wife loves all things Swarovski, so we went to Swarovski Kristallwelten. For her (us) we felt we wasted our time. Also, it’s easily 20 minutes from Innsbruck.

If you want to stop along the way, I think Innsbruck is an excellent idea.

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Thank you all so much. Truly appreciated. I think we will stop at Innsbruck and go check out the little store in old town. Does anyone happen to know if there are lockers for luggage?

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My sister and I were at the Swarovski crystal world this past Sept. My sister is a huge Swarovski fan and said visiting was like her version of Disney Land. She absolutely loved it!!! I enjoyed it more than I thought I would. In addition to the inside exhibits, the gardens outside, and the huge store, there is also a small discount store with sale items and a very nice restaurant.

We took the train from Innsbruck to Wattens and then a taxi from there as the shuttle bus left later than we wanted to leave. You can also walk from the train station in Wattens. It’s very easy to get to.

The store in Innsbruck is nice as it has a few interesting displays. But, it’s nothing compared to the crystal world.

The Innsbruck train station does have lockers.