Innsbruck and Salzburg area

Hi, I will be visiting Innsbruck and Salzburg sometime in October, and would like to go to the Innsbruck zoo and also read about the Innsbrucker Nordkettenbahnen cable cars. I found it not so easy getting info regarding the following...:
- Are the Nordkettenbahnen cable cars the ones that take you up to the zoo, or are they separate from the zoo's cable cars?
- Is it worth going up the Nordkettenbahnen? (how long is the ascent and descent and is there anything to do up top)
- How exactly do I get to the zoo/cable cars (Could not find exact place on google maps or relevant transportation)

Regarding Salzburg area, I am interested to know which salt mines are more worthwhile, Hallein or Hallstatt, and which ice caves are most worth seeing, Werfen or Hallstatt?



Posted by Paul
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Hi Nick,

We've taken the Nordkettenbahn a few times, in October and December. Very simple. It has 3 parts to it.

First part is the Hungerburgbahn (funicular), which goes from the Congress in Innsbruck (just outside the pedestrian zone) up to Hungerburg. Along this section it will stop where you can get off for the zoo.
Second part is a cable car from Hungerburg to the Seegrube station.
Third and final part is another cable car from the Seegrube station to the Hafelekar station (top/highest station).

You can do just the first part or just the first and second parts or all three parts.

The Innsbruck Congress is #15 (near the top) on the insert/old town map on the page below.

It is certainly worth doing. The views are stunning.

Is there anything to do?

We've never been to a salt mine, but Hallein is much closer to Salzburg than Hallstatt, if that matters to you.


Posted by Brad
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We went to the salt mines in Berchtesgaden. I believe the experience is virtually identical to Hallstatt but this one was more convenient to our route.