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In search of 5-mile alpine hike near Hallstatt

Let me preface this by noting that our family will be staying in Hallstatt and will not have have access to a car so trailheads and cable cars will have to be able to be reached by train or bus from there.

Here is my fantasy: a high-country hike of no more than 5 miles up and back of moderate difficulty in the high country with splendid views of peaks and with at least one hut along the route. I am thinking perhaps one of the many trails in the Dachstein-Salzkammergt area reached from the Dachstein-Krippenstein cable car since the cable car is accessible by train and bus. One I have seen is the Heilbronn Circular Trail though it looks like it is heavily used. Vistas of mountain peaks or close-by massifs is a priority though alpine meadows and reflecting lakes would be icing on the cake. Want to be able to eat and relax at a hut either at beginning, along the route, or at the end. Much appreciation for your guidance in advance.

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Look at It’s a very clumsy website but if you wander around, you can find some useful info

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There might be something on this website that would be of interest. I did not read about all the hikes but a couple of them looked interesting.

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I use to search for hikes. There's also an App. It works great. You can search by distance, type, difficulty, scenery types, etc.

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You're on the right track with the Dachstein area. Great scenic hiking up there. And you could also take the funicular up from Hallstatt and walk a big loop in forests and green hills with some nice views. Not as fully open as Dachstein but still charming.