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In Austria, booster shot now valid for 12 months

Hi everyone—

I just read the following in The Local:

Austria’s Health Minister announced changes to the validity of the
Green Pass. The country will follow European Union’s directives, and
the booster shot should be valid for 12 months, he said.

The Pass will be valid for six months for double vaccinated or
recovered people.

This is a change from the previous 270 days validity for the booster. I do not see this change reflected yet on the official gov. site.

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We are headed to Vienna next week. Still trying to process all the entry requirements. So, as of today, I am double vaccinated and Booster and have a certificate of previous Covid infection from 3 months ago. Upon arrival, is there anything else we will need? Do we still need the locator form and or/Green Pass? The Green Pass is only for EU?

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As you have proof of vaccine, you do not need to fill out a pre-travel clearance form. I don’t believe there is an entry form that you need to complete. But, do double check my understating of the entry requirements as I haven’t been paying too close attention to the rules for Austria as my trip is not until Sept.

Correct, the Green Pass is only for EU. If coming from the US, the equivalent to the Green Pass is the white CDC vaccine card.

Looks like one of the gov. sites is updated to reflect that the booster shot is now valid for 365 days:

The entry rules are posted here. Keep in mind this particular page has not been updated since March 24th.

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Good news . Carrie , I'm not surprised . I think we may see more such moves in the future . In any event , I'll take my fourth shot this coming summer before departing for Europe in late August .

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Steven, I was about 98.5% certain this change would happen before my Sept. trip. 😊 I’m glad it happened sooner, rather than later, as it’s one less thing to worry about. I expect Switzerland to do the same, at some point. Unfortunately, I don’t yet qualify for the booster. But, looks like I’m good for all my trips this year. Well, as of now anyway.

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Thanks for the notice. The city-state of Vienna updated their summary of Covid rules webpage on 15 April, for changes beginning 16 April:


Don't forget to put the Canadian vaccine digital-card on your mobile device, and if you can, bring with you one or two printed copies to have with you. With the issuing province (e.g., Saskatchewan) in one upper corner and the usual Government of Canada logo at the other upper corner, your digital-card will have your basic information which will be matched with your passport, and all of your administered vaccinations including vaccination date and the type of vaccination.

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I too have been struggling with entry requirements as they seem to change and be worded differently. From what I can tell as of now as long as your two shots are within 270 days or a booster now within 12 months we don't need to fill out anything or test for entry. We leave next week. So excited. I am still trying to find mask requirements and I know Vienna has different rules as well. We have our KN95's which I believe are comparable to the FFP2mask required for indoor locations. We are rule followers.. lol So looking forward to this trip.

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Henry ! Got it, I’m finally feeling like we got a handle on all the requirements. As we are going to Vienna, and a quick side trip to Dubrovnik then on to Rome for a week, lots of paperwork to plow through. Thanks all, I think we are there, only 5 more sleeps until the 40th birthday celebration starts ( daughter bday, not mine..wishful thinking)