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Imperial Austria trip

Next year in Mid April my grandparents, brother and I are going on a globus tour that hits Munich, Prague, Bratislava, Budapest, Vienna and Salzburg. Any tips for any of those areas you could give? If you have done this trip, did you like it?

Lastly, I have a very picky brother who eats very little, aka he has tons of chicken strips. What is some good stuff for picky eaters?

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What kind of tips would you like?

Regarding food and your brother, he will be able to find chicken strips just about everyone. Also schnitzel is like one big giant chicken strip that could easily be cut into strips for him. Does he like pizza and sausages? Those are also everywhere.

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I've been to all those cities many times. And on an escorted tour, your needs will be covered.

As far as eating, McDonalds, KFC and Burger King are available most anywhere. And all those cities have really good food.

My best suggestion would be to go on Wikipedia and read extensively about all those great cities. The all have a long and interesting history.

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Prague, Budapest and Vienna….we did those together on a spring 2019 trip…….great cities and so much to see…..we took 3 side trips to Cesky Krumlov and Salzburg and Hallstatt……so worth it. We had been to Prague before and noticed this trip that they seem to have been “discovered” since we were there about 6 years ago…..the prices for everything had definitely gone up……so now the economical city in Eastern Europe to us was Budapest……so much to see and do and the prices were great. There is a wonderful Italian restaurant on the river in Budapest south of the port where most of the cruise ships dock……so good we went back there more than once to eat.

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It's a great trip.

Plenty of American junk food in Europe these days, and local substitutes, and unlike the US, where someone has to park or go through the drive-thru, you will be walking past the front doors.

For tips, read the posts under the country headings. Then ask questions and I am sure you will get a lot of answers.