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How to get back to Salzburg from Hallstatt

My husband and I will be traveling to Halstatt from Salzburg. We are taking the train to Hallstatt and wish to take the bus back to Salzburg. Is this even possible? We were hoping to see the scenic countryside on the way back to Salzburg. We are going on June 10th which is a Wednesday. Any suggestions to avoid problems would be greatly appreciated.

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You certainly should be able to take the Bus. This website might help.....

The Bus will depart from Lahn, which is at the far end of Hallstatt (you'll likely have to walk from your hotel - it's all level so not a strenuous walk at all). I've never taken the Bus from Hallstatt, so hopefully some of the others can provide more specific details.

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Thanks. Yes one would assume that if busses arrive in Hallstatt from Salzburg that they would return to Salzburg. Perhaps someone has taken the bus from Hallstatt to Salzburg and can let me know how they did it.

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I've taken the bus from Salzburg to Hallstatt. I have no reason to believe they don't go back. (Wouldn't I have seen a huge lot full of buses in Hallstatt if they didn't?)

The Austian Rail website shows bus connections from Hallstatt (Lahn) to Salzburg. It takes 2½ hours with 2 changes in Gosaumühle and Bad Ischl. You can probaby go from Bad Ischl to St Gilgen to Salzburg.