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How to find a travel agent in Vienna, Austria or Europe in General

Hello , I'm tired of doing the research for travel for just a weekend getaway while I am in Vienna for a month. All travel agent searches just pull up 'Tours'. How can I find a travel agent ? Do you have any specific agent reccommendations?

Thank you

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I cannot remember when I last used a travel agent, for sure not in this millenium. :-)

In Vienna Kuoni is a renowned travel agent having several offices in the city.

Serach with Google for "wien bestes reisebüro", but restrict the time frame to "last year".

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Local travel agents are likely more focused on sending Austrians to other places. You need an American travel agent with knowledge/experience in Austria.

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If you are interested in the Balkans I know a good travel agent that does Montenegro, Bosnia and Croatia and can book the whole trip for you. If you are interested in visiting Budapest or Hungary in general I can put you in contact with a few guides that can plan the whole thing. And I have one in Romania, Bulgaria and Ukraine too.

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Thank you!

You are all very kind. @James E. I wouldn't mind considering the places you mentioned. Please do share. And Thank you!

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All of the Balkans
Dijana Krkotic
Executive director
Address: Bulevar Sv. Petra
Cetinjskog br. 79
81 000 Podgorica
Phone: +382 20 675 197
Mob: +382 69 277 749

Pavlina Docheva
Program Manager and Tour Designer
Easy Bulgaria Travel Ltd
Bulgarian Tour Operator
Member of the Association of Bulgarian Tour Guides
1839 Sofia
Vrajdebna district, 9, 61 str.
skype: polinkaa1
Tel. 00359 878 956 414

Daniel Gheorghita
Covinnus Tours

PM me ... depends on your interests

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I guess I'm not sure what the problem is. If you google 'Travel agents in Vienna', several are listed. Have you contacted any of these travel agents? Have you had no luck with them and are looking for other recommended agents?

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I have used travel agents in Europe years ago, both in France and Germany. In Germany they were located , if at all, in the train stations. In France I used the travel agent a few blocks down from the train station. It was a private office. This was in Arras.

Have you tried Wien Hbf?

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Yes I was going to say, in my experience travel agents often huddle outside major train stations. Or try a search on Google maps. Back in the day, there was always American Express ...