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how many nites in salzburg

we are booked to stay 4 nites in salzburg, our first time there, want to do a sound of music tour, so do you think 3 full days is too much time in salzburg? danke, nick from santa cruz

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Impossible to say without context. How long is tour trip, where else are you going?

Every day or night you spend in Place A, that's one less day or night to spend in Place B. You may never get to Place Z (or even Place G, for that matter).

That said, on my visit to Salzburg, I believe we stayed 3 nights, had 2 full days, and that seemed about right to us. We were on a fairly fast-paced trip (and we did not do a Sound of Music tour or any other tours for that matter), but that's what we are used to (so many places, so little time, life is short, its a big world...). If you're going out in the hills to sing and spin around in meadows, and you don't feel you are so short on time that you are not getting in enough time anywhere else, then it sounds like 3 full days/4 nights is about right.

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Also, consider what side trips you may want to take with Salzburg as a base. Two full days for Salzburg proper is generally enough for folks on a short tour of Europe. Spend more time if you are looking to not just bomb through sites and want to relax and enjoy the scenery. I highly recommend some of the best views: Untersburgbahn to the south and Bus 151 to the top of Gaisberg. Makes for a relaxing day in the high mountain air.

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We spent 4 nights in Salzburg last summer for three full days of touring. However, one day was fully dedicated to Berchtesgaden. We had our car to get us there and back but its doable via public transport. I am a person who wants to see everything [and generally do] and we found two days for Salzburg proper [including a morning Bob's SOM Tour] was perfect. We were also there during the music festival, which was amazing.

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3 full days is not too much. I spent 5 days on my last visit, my 4th

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I did 4 full days (5 nights, arriving late and leaving early), and this was my first stop so jet lag was a factor. One day for a sound of music tour, one day into the nearby mountains, and two days in town. I like a relaxed pace, so this was good, but 3 full days would be fine - especially if you aren't doing any day trips other than sound of music.