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How many days for Salzburg

I’ll be in Salzburg (and Bavaria and Vienna) next spring. How many days should I give to Salzburg. It’s currently allotted three. Keep in mind that I intend to devote at least half a day to visiting the zoo. The zoo is near Hellbrunn Palace on the grounds I think.

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You'd do fine allotting 3 days for Salzburg. It's a very popular town, and the individuals that live there are very accommodating--like a bunch of tour guides.

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We just spent 4 daysbut this was our first stop so jet lag slowness was a part of it.
Getting to the zoo is easy - it’s on the same bus route we took to Untersberg mountain, not far at all. We didn’t go to the zoo, just passed the bus stop for it.

1 jet lagged day for city walk/a few sights
1 day for more city sights and a concert
1 for sound of music tour
1 for trip to mountains

3 days would be fine if you move a bit faster.

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3-4 days would be fine as long as you don't plan on any day trips...

The zoo is next to the Palace and is a short but hilly walk from the palace gardens. Both are included in the Salzburg Card and it makes a nice 50%-75% of a day assuming the weather is nice. We took the #28 bus down Alpenstrasse to the palace (~1km walk from the bus stop) and returned via the #25 on Morzger Strasse.

Also at the palace is the Folk Museum - a worthwhile visit.

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Was just in Salzburg last week for three days, and it was a perfect amount of time for me. Just a tip about Hellbrunn Palace, if you enjoy walking and great views, the two lookout points on the hill above the palace grounds are amazing!! And I was up there basically by myself the whole time, which was a nice break from all the tourist mob in town.

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Last summer we spent 5 days in Salzburg, including separate day trips to Hallstatt and Berchtesgaden. This was perfect for us. So if you are devoting 3 days to Salzburg itself, I think that is a good plan. If you are trying to see the city and surrounding areas is 2 1/2 days (after seeing the zoo), you will be cutting your time too short. Salzburg is a beautiful town for wandering, and you could spend a full day exploring the town, the fortress and the gardens.