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How crowded is Vienna right now?

Going to be in Vienna next week! I was there in Sep 2019 and everything was very crowded...long lines at all sights and restaurants. How are things now post covid...should I plan for crowds?

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Tourism is on a low level, still. When everybody hoped that the number of tourists will raise again the war in Ukraine started. Most European airlines are not allowed to enter Russian airspace anymore, therefore having canceled many flights to Asia (Japan, China). So the number of tourists from this region dropped significantly.

A long line at a restaurant is rather unusual in Vienna, happens mostly at very touristy places. Emily can help you with the right selection. She frequently has posted here her recommendations.

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wmt1, sounds like your observations in Vienna indicate the war tourism reduction is hurting Vienna harder than what I saw in Budapest.

Interesting, but does demonstrate different places attract different visitors.

Thats whats great about the forum, the access to first hand observations helps a lot.

Thank you!

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Hi, Kathryn.

Last week, I exchanged e-mails with a contact who's lived in Vienna for over twenty years, and with my upcoming visit to the capital city they also mentioned how Vienna feels a little quieter this spring than in years past (pre-pandemic). I guess it's all relative, depending upon how one feels about (or can avoid) crowds. Enjoy your trip!