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Hiking in October in Tirol

Hello Everyone,

i am planning a 3 day trip next weekend to Tirol with my parents and husband. We are all fit to walk. we have our base at Innsbruck and have a car.
I need suggestions from you regarding hiking trials:
1. What are are the trails you recommend that are very scenic. We would like to see mountains, a little snow maybe!
2. the best place to see snow.
3. Is Stubai glacier worth going?


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We spent 3 nights in the Stubai area and did some hiking while we were there. (It was in September). Here is a web site that talks about the Seven Summits:

Only 2 of them are doable as day trips (without extra equipment). Burgstall:

and Elfers:

We climbed Elfers. It was a great hike with a bit of a scramble at the end. Many hikers were skipping the scramble and just hiking up to where it starts. (The views are about the same) We did the scramble and it was fun. From the top (either of the scramble or the top of the hike before the scramble) you look off the back side of the mountain. There was a great hut with amazing views partway up. (We stopped on the way down). You ride a lift part way up and many hikes lead from there. There are signs that will point you to the Elfers hut and summit. (it was a sharp right as we got off the lift), so getting lost shouldn't be an issue. The trail was easy to follow, and the elevation gain was a satisfying 2500 feet. As I said, there were other walks that left from the top of the lift to other huts, so if you wanted something with less elevation gain, you could probably find something. Even going part way up and stopping at the hut would provide a nice hike with good views. (if it is clear).

We didn't do Burgstall . We had a card from our B&B that allowed us to ride the lifts for free and included a Rodelbahn that was on one lift. So we went up that lift in the morning, took a short hike and rode the Rodelbahn all they way down. (Best one I have ridden in Europe) Then we went up the Stubai Glacier. The weather was turning, and we had not researched any hikes from there, so we ate dinner and came back to our B&B. You could look at this site for hikes:

It looks to me like a lot of the hikes leave from the base and part way up. The glacier may require more technical equipment. Overall, if I went back, I would not go back up the glacier. (full disclosure: We rode lifts up to several glaciers on this trip and have visited many more on previous vacations, so just seeing a glacier isn't new to us. ) I didn't think the views from the top were as pretty as the other lifts we rode.

Overall, we loved the Stubai area and would return. (It was very cost effective for us since out B&B provided the Stubai card for the lift. My memory is that these lifts are more reasonable than the ones in Switzerland). Here is the price page for the Elfer lift:

Enjoy your trip!

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I checked my journal. We began the hike at 9:50 and reached the summit at noon. (We were 62 at the time, but are avid hikers here in Washington state)

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If you're in Innsbruck, you may want to consider just going north of it into the Karwendel area. It's beautiful and it's accessible right from Innsbruck, just take the lift up to Hafelekarspitze from downtown and you're practically there. From there consider the Goetheweg and a walk to Pfeishutte. From there either back the same way or some other route back to near Innsbruck. This time of year I recommend you check that the huts you plan to visit are still open.

I've been meaning to write up a post about Karwendel on my site but haven't got around to it quite yet but there might be some other interesting ideas on the site for you since you have a car.


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Pekka- Excited to see you posting on this web site. I found one of your hikes on your web site last summer when we were planning our trip:

I have actually directed people to the web page when they have been looking for hikes in the Zillertal area. Keep on posting and updating on your site. We loved the hike we did and I will use your web site again!

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Thank you Everyone for your wonderful tips! Anyone did the Barenkopf hike or has any idea on it?