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hiking hut to hut

Hello Everyone!
We are traveling to Austria and would like to do some hiking from hut to hut. I bought a guide book and I've looked online. All the trails that I see are are for very challenging trails where the possibility exists that the trail is not well marked.
I would like to go on a trail that is at the most moderately difficult.
Does anyone have experience with hiking hut to hut in Austria and can direct me to such a trail?
Thank you, Collette

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We've lived in Austria (in Vienna and Salzburg) and done a lot of hiking and all the trails I've been on are very challenging and strenuous. You might want to take a hiking tour-they would likely know of less strenuous trails if they exist. does such tours in Austria.

For information on choosing trails- You can find out all about hiking hut to hut and see trails and tours. Do NOT use any trails that are in black- they are super challenging. The moderate ones are in red and there are even less strenuous ones.

For information on the huts and how to join an Alpine club so to get to stay cheaper in the huts and more-

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Hi there,

At this site there are some self guided walks ranging from moderate to challenging – they may be what you are after

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I have hiked a lot in Austria but never hut-to-hut. Many of the huts are high up and so I think you would be over passes to other valleys in some cases. It could involve hikes of many hours per day. I am not able for that but maybe some of the sites listed will help you find some of the more moderate ones. Good luck. I always wanted to try it but not strong enough.