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Heurigen Solo?

I'm taking a solo trip to Vienna this summer. Five nights. I've already found some cool films and concerts to attend on a few evenings, but I was wondering if any of you have gone to a heurigen solo. It seems like, unlike a regular restaurant or bar, it would be particularly awkward as it's a very social thing. I don't really enjoy spending the whole evening talking with strangers, I'm very happy alone, but I don't want to end up sitting in a corner of a farmyard by myself. Any thoughts?

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It isn't like a farmyard. It is common to share tables and people will be jolly. I suggest heurigen in Nussdorf or Stammersdorf. Avoid Grinzing.

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I think you'll enjoy picking a cozy spot and enjoy people watching. There are all types of people who eat and drink at heuringers; singles, couples, multigenerational family units, etc. Observe what people do before you go up and order. Have a great evening.