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Help: train/bus from Hallstatt to Venice?

Hello, I was going to book train tickets for my friend and me to go from Hallstatt to Venice, but now that I'm looking closely, I see that it is at least partially via bus (I'm looking at the website).

This is for 20.05.2014, and I'm looking at the option of departing Hallstatt 07:32 and arriving Venezia 16:25. The details show:
Hallstatt to Stainach-Irdning to Bischofshofen to Villach Hbf to to Villach Hbf (Busbahnhof) Venezia Tronchetto

Can anyone shed light on this? Is this the best cheap way to get to Venice? Anything I should be aware of? Am I supposed to select the options to make reservations for an addition 6 euro each? It says reservations are compulsory for the one Villach to Venezia but that one is 0 euro.

I'm just confused and wanted to check in with some 'experts' before committing to the tickets! Thank you!

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A few years ago, Italy discontinued direct train service from Villach to Venice, so the Austrian railways stepped in to operate a bus on that route. Tickets are sold together with train tickets. The bus requires a seat reservation, so they're including it in the ticket price. The trains don't require seat reservations, so you can just hop on and find a place if you elect not to pay 6 euros more for assigned seats.

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Thank you so much!

I booked the SparSchiene tickets for 38 euro. What is the difference between these and the 52 euro Globalpreis tickets?

Also, it only has my name on it but says it is valid for two passengers (lists "Child/Youth 22 years old, Child/Youth 23 years old"). Is this correct? Both tickets together were 38 euro, so 19 euro each?

The timetable shows me:
Depart Hallstatt 07:32, arrive Stainach-Irdning 08:18
Depart Stainach-Irdning 09:37, arrive Bischofshofen 10:48
Depart Bischofshofen 10:54, arrive Villach Hbf 12:43
Walk five minutes to Villach Hbf (Busbahnhof)
Depart Villach Hbf (Busbahnhof) 12:56

Are these three trains? Or is Hallstatt a ferry or something? Should I be worried at all about the short connection at Bischofshofen? What about at Villach Hbf?

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We just arrived at Vienna from Venice by bus and then by train for 29 euros ( not a bad deal)! The bus was a brand new double decker and felt very luxurious. We picked up the train in Villach. The bus left us right in front of the station all we had to do is cross the street. We did a similar trip last year all by train and it actually took longer due to all the train stops. Hope this helps.

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If you are staying right in Hallstatt, the boat across the lake and the train from there might be the best option. However, the bus station for Hallstatt is in Lahn, about 1000 yds south of Hallstatt along the lakeside walk. There is a bus from there to Obertraun (5 min), one stop for the train south of the Hallstatt Bahnhof. I paid 1,30€ for the bus in 2009. The station in Obertraun is manned. I took the train from there to Stainach-Irdning.