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heat in Vienna - will Hotel Pension Suzanne be bearable?

We aren't going until September 15th, but I can't believe the temperatures in Vienna right now, and in the long term forecast - 100 degrees! All of central Europe is stiflingly hot.

We booked the Hotel Suzanne, near the Opera, for four nights. I didn't really think about A/C, and probably should have.

Has anyone stayed there during a heat wave? I see nothing indicating there is A/C, and I'm a tad concerned about sleeping at night!

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This heat wave is unusually long. By September it will be a faint memory. I wouldn't be surprised if you needed a jacket by then.

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Hi Laura,
I've never heard of a 100 degree heat wave lasting five weeks. We're getting our own 80 degree high respite in DC right now. I wouldn't worry about it--it's a month away, and it doesn't take long for buildings to cool down once temps start dropping. Have a great trip!

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Thanks for bringing up this topic. I will also be in Vienna in September, and hadn't considered the aspect of hot weather. It also gets hot here (supposed to get up to 37C this week) and since I don't have A/C at home, hopefully I'll be able to survive with a fan.

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Thanks for the input everyone! Hopefully it will be cooler there soon (well, not that soon. The long term forecast for this week and next is still pretty amazingly hot!)

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Laura: We stayed there last June for a week when it was hot--although not 100 degree heat. The staff was gracious enough to provide fans for the room which certainly helped. But, as other posters have said, it will most likely not be severely hot when you get there.

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In Vienna today the temperature was a lovely 71'.
Tomorrow, they're projecting 67' as the high temp with rain. So I'd agree that 100' in September is probably not going to happen. (well, I hope not!)

Like many folks living here, we have no AC in our apartment and the temperatures have been as high as 97' over the past two weeks. But this weather is UNUSUALLY warm. The remainder of this week is projecting highs in the low 70's.

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Yes, I see that the heatwave seems to be over. I knew it probably would be, but then we usually are in A/C hotels, so don't think about it! Several years ago we were in Pau (town in the Basque region of France) en route to San Sebastian. It was 100 degrees - almost unheard of in that region. Hotel was so unbearable we moved to another one (which proved to be pretty much just as unbearable!) So a bit gun shy!

Thanks for all the helpful input.