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Has anyone stayed at Gutshof zum Schluxen?

Has anyone stayed at the Gutshof zum Schluxen since it reopened under new owners in February of this year? I don't see any reviews online.

My wife and I have stayed there in 04, 06, 09, 12 under two different owners. We are planning a trip for later this year and we are hesitant booking there again since we have not seen any reviews with the new ownership.

We really enjoyed the venue in 04 and 06, like a real lodge. We were there when new owners were moving in 09. Really nice people but the lodge feel went away.

Now I understand the lodge is focused more on people interested in horses.

We just really enjoy the view of the mountains(even with the power lines in view), the cows, the horses, the food and beer, the people, being so close to many interesting things to do. In 09 we were the only guests in the lodge a few days before Christmas...way weird feeling!

We are from central Florida and we really enjoy the mountains and the change of is Disney overload in Orlando and we like to just enjoy the pace of being close to nature, the way Florida used to be. (Ops...showing our age)

Any insight would be appreciated. We can always find another beautiful location but the Schluxen is special to us. Please feel free to email me privately if you don't want to comment in the forum.

Thanks. Kelly

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It would help if you said where this establishment is. You have posted this twice, under Germany and Austria. Which country is it actually in?
"Gutshof" is not a German word, you probably mean "Gasthof". Have you spelt the rest of the name correctly? If you mis-spell a name you won't get many hits when you search for it.

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Gutshof zum Schluxen is a farm "Gasthof" outside of Reutte, Austria, (Pinswang?). I think it is (was) often used by RS tours for it's access to Hohenschwangau, Germany .

There are a lot of nice places to stay in Pfronten, Germany, just up the rail line (Außerfernbahn) from Reutte.

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Thanks Lee for the post. You are almost perfect. The Schluxen is officially located in Unterpinswang and has been a lodge for many years. We stayed there for the first time with a tour(not RS) in 2004 on our honeymoon, so it is a bit special to us. And we have been there several times since. Currently it is being advertised more as a horse farm.

Even though the Schluxen is in Austria it is just a stones throw away from Germany. The old passport check point is not far away. My wife lived in Germany in the mid 70's and she remembers stopping there several times on the way to the castle of King Ludwig.

See below for the info on their official website to see the spelling used by them.
Gutshof zum Schluxen, tiroler und internationale Küche

Chris, I hope I answered your questions.