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Hallstatt Day Trip from Salzburg


I will be spending 3 nights (2.5 days) in Salzburg in May. One of the days will be spent going up to explore Hitler's Eagle's Nest out of Salzburg. I would like to go visit the town of Hallstatt for a day trip from Salzburg on a Sunday.

Is Hallstatt worth going to for a day trip these days? I have read it is getting pretty touristy, but I can handle crowds as long as you aren't stuck waiting in line everywhere you go for hours.

If still worth a visit, what is the most effective way to get there from Salzburg? Train, bus, guided day tour, rental car for the day?

Any feedback on this would be much appreciated, thanks!

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Everyone will advise you to stay a night to avoid crowds if you can. It's a gorgeous location and worth seeing even with all the tourists, which could be lower this year due to coronavirus? Car rental is the most efficient way and provides max flexibility on timing and detours to see other things. It is possible to go via a combination of train/bus/boat but seems a bit much for me. Not much waiting in line because there's not much to do aside from wander and window-shop, maybe get a bite to eat.

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wow, I could have written your opening statement. I too am going to be in Salzburg for three nights in May, and we're going to the eagle's nest. We're also planning a hallstatt Day. It sound too good to pass up. Plan on going early, and there are some really affordable Train tickets available. I couldn't believe how cheap they were

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Thanks for the feedback. Are there options to rent a car on a Sunday and return it that evening? For the train tickets, do you mind linking where you found the cheap train tix?

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There is an Avis near the train station in Salzburg. It has an evening key drop. However, you may not find a car rental open on a Sunday for pick up unless you go to the airport. I think that is Sixt. You will need to check online about Sunday availability.

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I wouldn't rent a car for a day trip from Salzburg to Hallstatt. Public transit is way too efficient and Hallstatt is no cars. It's approx. a 3hr train trip from Hallstatt > Salzburg so just double it for RT travel time. Check OBB. The Hallstatt Bahnhof is across the lake so you have to take the ferry (Stefanie) across the lake to/from Hallstatt. As another posted mentioned, to really enjoy Hallstatt, stay the night. It is quite busy during the day but still doable. But, you'll really only see the main town. That said, it is really beautiful and fun. If you stay overnight, you could possibly do the Ice Caves or 5 Fingers Lookout.

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Loved the salt mine tour in Hallstatt, and the views from that elevation were incredible.
If you take the quick ferry back to the train station, position yourself at the back of the boat, to capture gorgeous pix of Hallstatt reflecting in the water.
A one night stay would be very nice.
Safe travels!

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Pay attention to FLstate's reply. The train doesn't get you to the Hallstatt you want to visit. You have to go from the train station to the ferry pier. Also check the hours. When I was there in early June 4 years ago, the last ferry was around 5 pm.

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The ferry's schedule is synchronized with the trains' schedule. Whenever a train is about to arrive the ferry sails from the town to the train station, and back again after the train has departed.

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Or if you have the money and don't want to drive -- Bob's Tours has an all-day Sound of Music + Hallstatt tour which drives through some pretty countryside and gives you several hours to walk around the village. We did this the day after Christmas when lots of other things were closed. Gorgeous scenery, but LOTS of tourists. On the other hand, no problems with parking.