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Graz or Linz? or??????

My husband and I are traveling, via train, from Budapest to Zurich for five weeks in late August through September. We plan to spend six days in Vienna and would like to stay in one other Austrian city for four days. I am considering Graz or Linz. We have been to Salzburg. Which of these would you recommend, or would you consider another?

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Of the two, I liked Graz a lot more. Impressive historic center, great food and plenty to do. It is little more off the tourist trail (at least for Americans) and offers a good mix of history, architecture, arts and nature activities. There is a big university in the city which gives it a nice buzz, although I guess that will be on summer break while you're there. The region is also well known for its food culture so there were a lot of nice restaurants focusing on local products. The Styrian countryside is also really beautiful and there are lots of interesting day trips (Austrian open-air museum in Stübing, Lippizan stud farm, wine trails, etc).
Linz was perfectly nice, but the historic center felt smaller and I found fewer things to do there, at least to suit my interests. Graz was more memorable and had a more distinct personality, at least for me!

If you are not going to travel within Switzerland, you could also think about stopping in the Austrian mountains somewhere on your way to Zurich instead. There are many beautiful places to visit with spectacular scenery and it would be a nice time of year in the mountains. If not in a mountain town, you could stay somewhere around Innsbruck, which is a nice small city, and do day trips into the surrounding mountain areas.

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Been to Linz three times, Graz never. For four days I'd pick Graz. Linz is a lovely city for a night or two passing through; Graz as far as I can tell a more substantial place for a longer tourist stay.

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Graz! Full of colours and atmosphere, great restaurants and must sees! Linz is somehow boring in my opinion.

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It will be very hot during you trip. I think the best idea would be Innsbruck, or a village just outside of Innsbruck like Seefeld. The air will be cooler up in the mountains and there is plenty to do. Innsbruck is also on the train route.

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I have been to both, Graz much more superficially. Linz I know much better, and as you are planning, I was there in the summer.

Both are very interesting and well worth exploring but I can only comment on Linz.

Regarding modern history from the 18th century on: there are several monuments and memorials to be seen in Linz, eg, the large military/soldiers' monument close to the entrance to the Zentrum, the military memorial plaques on the exterior of the churches, the Nibelung Bridge memorial plaque on the Expellees after 1945 and more.