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Good hikes between Innsbruck and Salzburg?

Hello! My husband and I are spending 3 nights in Garmisch, then 2 nights in Salzburg. I'm thinking we'll drive via Innsbruck, and we'd also love a place to stop and do some hiking somewhere roughly between Innsbruck and Salzburg. Suggestions please? Maybe the Zillertal area?

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We did one hike in the Zillertal last September and it was a good one. I first read about it in The Lonely Planet guidebook. They called it the Zillertal circuit, but when I googled that nothing came up. I finally found this web site with a great detailed explanation of the hike. We followed what she did and had an amazing time:

There is a hut about 1/2 way where we had lunch. Then there was a steep, but short climb up. After that was the best views, so don't stop at the hut and go back the way you came!!

The road out to the dam has a toll. (It was 12.50 euros last September) and is one way for a long stretch. That can mean you will be stopped for awhile until it is your turn to go through, so allow time for that. We drove down from the Garmisch area in the morning and were hiking by noon. (I recommend an earlier start if you want to drive to Salzburg after). We were back to the car by 5:25 and had a 2 hour drive to our next B&B. We arrived at 7:15. Google maps show it is 2 1/2 hours from the dam to Salzburg. That is optimistic as they show it is 1 1/2 hours to where we stayed in the HoHe Tauern National park. I would add an hour to that, so an early start is a must. We left our B&Biln Grainau at 8, but we made a wrong turn in Mayforen and lost some time there.

It would be a big commitment and a long day, but if the weather is good it would be worth it.