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Fussen to Zurich

Ok..... I know neither of these places are in Austria, but we'll be driving through. :)

We've been to Europe many times but this will be our first time renting a car. Renting a car in Munich and driving the "Romantic Road Rt17" to Fussen to stay a night and see the castles. We will be leaving Fussen at the end of September.
We will be driving from Fussen to Zurich and would like to stay off of the "A" roads, but also don't want the trip to take more than 4 hours of driving time. I was looking at generally taking 198 from Reutte (just south of Fussen) to 200 in Warth to 193 and then to A14 and on to Zurich via rte 3 after a brief stop in Liechtenstein (to check another country off the list). This route looks OK on a map, but does anyone have any experience on it? Easy to find fuel stops? Other route suggestions? We want to see mountains, countryside, villages, etc. Any suggestions are quite welcome.

Thank you!

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