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From Vienna to Italy by train or air?

Hi everyone,
We are planning to stay in Vienna for 3 nights and then we need to go to Italy. We will be in Vienna on June 21-24th. We would like to take a train or airplane to Milan or Verona/Venice? Could you please give us advise what is better and how to get tickets? I just saw flight tickets for more then 1000 euro for 4 persons, I think its too much...
We are traveling family of four (mom, dad and 2 teens)
Thank you very much in advance,
hope to hear from you soon.

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My friend and I are travelling from Venice to Vienna by train in April. I have found the Man in Seat 61 - Mark Smith offers invaluable information on train travel. Check out
I did a trial run for 24 June, Vienna( Wien) to Milan( Milano) on the Austrian train OBB Ticketshop. There is a fare available for 4 people in a couchette compartment ( 4 beds) for a total price of €236. This an overnight direct train leaving Vienna at 19:17 and arriving at Milan at 09:12. This is an advance non-refundable fare, therefore cheaper than if you wait until close to the date of travel. Saves a hotel bill.
You can print out your train tickets at home.
I love train travel, so choose trains over flying, especially in Italy, Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

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I went on and looked at one way flights from Vienna to Milan on June 24. German Wings is offering a fare for $84. Alternately, you could travel on RyanAir from Bratislava (easy, short bus ride) to Milan Bergamo for 22.99 Euro per person one way.

A train from Vienna to Milan is way too far. A train from Vienna to Venice is doable, but will take all day (or all night). Use the man in seat 61 website, as mentioned above for more info on train travel in Europe.

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You can fly Vienna to Milan Linate on Niki Airlines. Austrian Airlines goes to Milan Malpensa and Venice Marco Polo airports.
Check their airfares online.

Unfortunately, getting over the Alps when going from Vienna to Vienna on the ground is difficult. And 370 miles over such a mountainous terrain is a long way.

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To shop the European budget airlines, which base their price structures on one-way rather than round-trip tickets, is helpful. It will show an array of choices Vienna-Milan, although the non-stops are at least four times more expensive than one-stops. As indicated above, GermanWings offers a lot of choices. Skyscanner links to that airline directly. Venice, a smaller air hub, shows a smaller selection at slightly higher prices, with Air Berlin the leader.

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Now is when you'll find the best rates available to book, either for the train through OEBB or a flight through In each case, there are limited tickets sold at the lowest rate.

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Thank you very much, everyone! I got train tickets with www.obb for June 24th for 4 persons for 29.00 euro per ticket! Our train leaves at 6 am from Vienna and we will be in Venice at 2pm same day, just perfect for check in!
happy traveling, friends!