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Expertise needed for travel to Salzburg to Innsbruck to Lucern to Interlacken area

We are traveling to Salzburg by train via Munich after 2 full days, 3 nights in Munich which includes a trip to Dachau. We want to see Eagles' Nest after seeing Salzburg then will try to hit Kitzbuhl, Alpach( quick stop) then on to Innsbruck or nearby. Doable in a day? Planning on staying in Innsbruck area for 2 nights or do you think we should spend one of the nights in Salzburg or somewhere in between? We are planning on renting a car once in Salzburg then dropping it in Innsbruck before taking the train to Lucern. In Lucern looking to board a boat to tour the Lake which then takes us to the GoldenPass train to Interlacken for 2 nights. Taking train then to Zurich airport for a 3:00 flight to London. 2 adults and an 18 year old son who loves skiing...we are visiting in July!

All that being said would love to find somewhere that has incredible charm but along the route!
Recommendations for places to stay in the Grindlewald or surrounding area. If weather is good would love to go to top of Schilthorn!
Also, is there a rental car agency in or near the salzburg train station... Innsbruck train station?
Thanks in advance for your expertise and guidance!

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What is it you are trying to do in a single day? Eagle's Nest, Kitzbuhl & Alpbach? You know that you cannot drive up to Eagle's Nest, right? You must take a bus tour. That being said, you can do all of this in a day and arrive in Innsbruck in the late/early evening during the summer. I rented here in Salzburg before - it is close to the train station. However, you may want to check if they do in-country one-way rentals: Ferdinand-Porsche-Straße 7, 5020 Salzburg, Austria Since they are Hertz you have a good chance for that. It has been ages since I've been in the Grindelwald area so I do not think I will be much help there.

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Innsbruck before taking the train to Lucern. In Lucern looking to board a boat to tour the Lake which then takes us to the GoldenPass train to Interlacken for 2 nights.

Some confusion here. The "Golden Pass" train is the marketing name for the train route Luzern - Interlaken - Zweisimmen - Montreux. No boats needed.
Are you planning to overnight in Luzern, or are you planning Innsbruck - Luzern - Interlaken all in one day?
If you are overnighting, you could arrive day 1, boat day 2, then on to Interlaken and Grindelwald on day 3.

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We are staying in Innsbruck area for a few days after a night in Salzburg. Thinking about taking an early train to Luzern. This is the last piece of my I stay 2 nights in lucern and just take the train to Murren area for a long day trip... or 1 night in Lucern and 1 night in Murren to take the train back to Zurich airport for a 3:00pm flight on the 3rd day? Thanks agin for your expertise!!

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I would recommend just a day trip to Mürren as getting to Zurich from there leaves to many possibilities for not arriving in time for your flight. Of course, I don't think a day trip to Mürren is feasible from Lucern unless you plan on leaving early and departing late as possible. That is a lot of travel - 3 and a half hours each way by train.

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actually, 8 minutes less than 3 hours each way, to Mürren BLM, the station at the end of the train. Then a couple of minutes and you are walking on the main road (ha!) of the village and surrounded by beautiful views. Actually you have had pretty good views all along the way along the Brünig Pass line from Luzern (sit on the right towards Interlaken) and then when you start up on the cog wheel railway from Interlaken Ost to Lauterbrunnen you follow a rushing river up into the mountains (sit either side - mountains one side, river the other for much of the ride, if you sit on the right you can wave at the cars), then the fabulous views of the waterfalls in the Lauterbrunnen Valley and then cross the street onto the cable car gondola (stand at the rear, facing backwards) for the really really neat views as you fly up the cliff) and then transfer the few feet onto the little train (sit on the left for views across the valley from the top of the cliff, although the views on the right side aren't bad either), and then at the end of the train you are there!!

It is such a pleasant ride the time - although long, and really long on the way back - passes quickly. Have your phone or camera ready.

If you catch the 7:06 train from Luzern you can be walking in Mürren before 10:00.