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Europcar rental in Salzburg

Anyone have any experience, good or bad? Prices seem reasonable, didn't know if there is something i need to know before I take the dive.

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The usual caveats:
Take full insurance without retention.
If you are not used to stick-shift request a car with automatic gear.
Return the car with gas replentished to avoid extra charges.
Make sure that the car has an Austrian toll sticker (either at the windshield or electronically).
Have the second driver registered if you want to switch driving.
Do not return the car outside Austria, otherwise this will cost you a lot for having the car brought back.
All drivers must have an IDP (International Driver Permit) in addition to their driver's license.

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I'm good with a manual shift. Good tip about the toll tag, I'll ask about that.
I have an Amex, I am going to make sure I talk to them about their insurance benefit.

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We’ve rented with Europcar in Vienna. They are a major agency. No problems at all. We use our credit card for insurance.

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I would check on autoeurope for their prices before booking. Autoeurope sells their own insurance (which is fully approved by the car rental companies they deal with) and it is usually cheaper than what the rental car companies charge. I have started taking full coverage, no deductible and found it fairly reasonable compared to other options. We have ended up with a car from Europcar many times and have always had a positive experience. The one bad experience I had was with National Car rental out of Heathrow (apparently owned by the same parent company as Europcar, but we had another rental with Europcar on the same trip and had no problems). I called Autoeurope's toll free number and they dealt with the issue. We walked out with the car and price we had agreed upon despite the National representative's best attempt to force extra charges on us.

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We've done about 40 driving trips in the EU. Wasted money buying an International Driver Permit for the first 3. One is good for 3 years, which covered 3 trips, but never again. Never needed it, never was asked to see it.

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To the OP - please do not listen to the ridiculous and ill-informed advice from KB1942.

An IDP is required by law in Austria for foreign drivers. If you are stopped by the police or are in an accident, then you must show an IDP - otherwise you will have major issues. Rental car agencies never ask to see the IDP, but the police do!