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Europcar - Good Company?

Hello All -

I'm having some frustration with Europcar. I wanted to log into my account & modify my reservation; but I do not remember my password & there does not appear to be a way to recover it.

I used the "contact us" email section. They asked me to choose my country of residence. The United States of America was not listed.

I'm starting to wonder if Europcar is reputable. I chose Europcar as it was listed in the Rick Steve's Vienna book; it had the right drop off points & the smallest automatic cars.

But to have a website w/ no password recovery protocol & not to list the United States of America as a county of residence on the contact website....I'm starting to wonder.

Any insight?

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I have had Europcar rentals and never had difficulties, but I always rent through Auto Europe. They are a consolidator based in Maine. I choose the car with the best price that meets my needs. How did you initiate your rental? Online?

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Like Andrea, I use Auto Europe, and have rented through them from Europcar as well as other companies. Europcar is a well-known company, reputable in the same sense as Hertz, Avis, et al. That doesn't mean a customer can't have a bad experience, as it looks like you're having. Maybe you could try using the country where you're renting as the "country of residence," at least to get into a dialogue with them. Does the website offer a phone number, or another way to contact them?

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Same as above. It’s a major company.

Many websites code country names in unexpected ways, and also alphabetize them strangely. Be sure you’re making an exhaustive search - look for United States Of America, USA, America, and other permutations. It may be listed at the top or randomly alphabetized. Check to see which country website you are accessing, too - if it’s a website for a European country, it might be listed/alphabetized as it would appear in that country’s language, eg for the Spanish website, look for “Estados Unidos”, EU or EEUU (all are common ways to write or abbreviate USA in Spanish).

In any case, they are a big player, not some fly-by-night operation. Good luck.

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I just tried their "Contact Us" section. Interestingly, when I used their "Give us your feedback" link, it does include "United States of America" in the drop-down. When I choose their "Contact Us" link and then select email, the Country of Residence does not include "United States of America" or any other variant that I could find.

So somebody isn't doing a good job of having a single list of countries for all of their drop-downs on their website.

Edit: I just noticed, they're using the same drop-down list of countries for "country of residence" as they are for "pick-up country," Since Europcar doesn't rent cars in the US (presumably, I don't know for sure) that list doesn't include it. By using the same drop-down list for Country of Residence, it doesn't include the US either.

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I went to their homepage, and see a "forgot my password" link under the "My Account" tab.