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Drive or Tour Company ~ Salzburg to Hallstat / Lake District

Hello Experts ~ We will be in Salzburg 4 nights in September. One day we would like to tour the lake countryside and Hallstatt. We prefer not to be a big tour bus. I found MCM tours has a 6 hour day trip but with only two people the cost is 300 Euros. That seems a bit too much. We are on the waitlist to see if anyone signs up. If 2 other people do it would be 75 Euros pp. We are good with that.

But if that doesn't happen, I am thinking about renting a car and driving out to the lake district. My concern is getting out of Salzburg with rental car and the other is without a guide we might miss some of the history of the region. I am not, however, interested in the Sound of Music history.

Any thoughts/comments/recommendations on driving to the Lake District?

Much appreciated
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Last year I drove from Vienna to Salzberg and we stopped in Hallstatt. I liked the adventure of driving and the town of Hallstatt has good parking, then you walk into town. Driving was fun and we were able to stop in other towns when we saw an interesting store or place we wanted to walk around. I recommend a good map and don't be afraid to ask for directions. I asked many times with my map and destination and everyone helped to point me in the right direction.

I like picking up cars at airports since it is usually easier to get on the freeways/highways without driving through town. We picked up the car at the Vienna airport and returned at the Salzburg airport (then took a cab to our hotel in Salzburg).

If you want to drive an automatic, be sure to select that in the rental reservation since most of the cars are manual and automatics are rarer and a little more expensive.