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Dinner/Concert at the Salzburg Fortress

We are considering this activity, and wondering if it is a worthwhile experience , as it's about 70 Euros each for dinner and concert. One challenge is keeping my husband awake; the other is that I'm a semi-vegetarian [no beef, pork, venison, but I do eat chicken and dairy.] I have emailed them regarding menu flexibility.

Would one be better than both? I'm sure many of you have had this experience , so I look forward to your feedback.
Thanks so much!

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I did the dinner and concert at the fortress in Salzburg in early December a few years ago, just prior to Covid. I also did the Mozart concert at Saint Peter’s in town. Quality of the concert at the fortress was much better than the Mozart concert in town, and the food at the restaurant was very good. If you’re worried about your husband falling asleep because you will be doing this right after landing and experiencing jetlag, then probably it wouldn’t be a good idea. Otherwise, I’d recommend it. The chamber where the concert is held is a beautiful space.

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Not after the flight; husband falls asleep early every night. :)
I just think it would be a wonderful experience for my second visit to Salzburg. Thx for sharing.
Safe travels!

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I did dinner and a concert at the fortress in December 2018. The food was very good. As I recall, I had chicken 🙂. We arrived a little on the early side at the restaurant and got a seat by the window in the restaurant that allowed us to look out over the city as we ate dinner. I agree with Patricia that the quality of the concert was quite good.

You didn't ask, but one of my favorite Salzburg activities is to walk to the architecturally interesting city library (Stadtbibliothek), which gets you out of the old town. It's about a 30-minute walk. Once there, enter and admire the amazingly red carpet. Use the horizontally-traveling elevator to head up to the Panoramabar -- former sports bar turned into a coffee shop that offers very nice views of the fortress in the distance and provides training to people with disabilities to prepare them for work in the food service industry. It's good to have some basic ability to order coffee in German because the employees are not going to speak English (except for the head lady who supervises everyone). Across the street is an Interspar hypermarkt, with a huge assortment of products for sale (kind of like a high-class Walmart).

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The concert at the Hohensalzburg fortress is definitely worth it! The Golden Hall is a beautiful intimate setting, and the music is outstanding. It was worth flying across an ocean for! We did not do the dinner. Earlier in the day we toured the fortress and saw the fortress state rooms. The Mozart concert is a memorable experience. We were there in 2019.

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Patricia, Dave, and Organizer,
you have convinced me. Also, thx for the library suggestion.
We are a month out, and it seems this trip MIGHT actually happen. Keeping the fingers crossed!

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Pat, I know exactly how you feel. My trip is just under two months out now. I just passed the two year mark from the date it was postponed so I’m now closer to going then I’ve ever been.

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Hi Pat: please let us know the restaurant's response regarding your inquiry concerning menu flexibility. We'd love to attend but have allergies and many typical dishes would not be a good choice for us. Thanks in advance!

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This is the very prompt reply that I received:

Dear Patrick,
thank you for your inquiry.

We also offer vegetarian meals at the Panorama Restaurant on Fortress Hohensalzburg such as spinach dumplings, Käsespätzle which are Salzburger” small cheese dumplings with roasted onions, potato filled with vegetables, some vegetarian salads, fried chicken and also some fish dishes.

For further information please do not hesitate to contact us.

Looking forward to greet you in our restaurant.

With best regards from Salzburg

Elisabeth Oberreiter

Unternehmensgruppe Dr. Erich Berer - die Salzburg Highlights Company – Anbieter einzigartiger Erlebnisse in der Mozartstadt
Salzburg Stadt Schiff-Fahrt – Amphibienbus Stadtrundfahrten – Best of Mozart (Dinner) Konzerte – Festungsgastronomie – Festspielkarten & Hotel Service - Salzach-Insel Bar – Museum „Welt der Marionetten“ – Gastronomiestände am Salzburger Christkindlmarkt u.v.m.
Tel. 0043/662/825858
Fax: 0043/662/825859

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Thanks Pat -- it's good to know that there is a nice variety of choices.