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Day Trip to Salzburg (from Munich)

We will be staying in Munich for 5 days and plan to take the train to Salzburg and back one of those days. We are wanting to make the most of our time in Salzburg and are considering a tour from Bob's Tours. Has anyone else made a day-trip to Salzburg this way? Was it easy to get to the starting point of a Bob's Tour? We're thinking of reserving an 8-hour tour. Or, perhaps hiring our own special tour guide to take us around would be a better way to go.

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I've visited Salzburg several times, once as a day trip from Munich. It's doable. If you do it on a weekend, you can go by regional train and leave early, before 9 AM with a Bayern-Ticket. We went on a weekday and got to Salzburg just before lunch but saw everything we wanted to see before heading back to Munich in the evening.

I don't know if there is a tour that doesn't include the SOM tourist trap, but that would be the only tour I would pay money for. The SOM tours are rip-offs. Almost every sight from the movie that still exists can be seen by yourself in town. A couple of venues, including the wedding church and Hohenwerfen castle are out of town, far apart. I don't think any tour takes you to both of these. Everything else, like Mirabell Palace (with the do-re-mi steps, the Pegasus statue, the troll garden, and the arbor), the town square where Maria caught the bus, the Residenz square, where they hung the big Nazi flag after the Anschluß, and the convent (only the outside is seen in the movie) where Maria taught, are readily accessible from town. Most of the scenes, the insides of the "Von Trapp" house, the inside of the convent, the cemetery, the Gazebo where the song and dance numbers were shot, were all sound stage sets in Hollywood. The lakeside patio was a temporary, stand-alone set on the lake near Leopoldskron (they didn't have permission to film at Leopoldskron).

To fully understand this before you go, get the DVD of Sound of Music, the one with the commentary by director Robt Wise and listen to his commentary on the filming of the movie.

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I didn't do a day trip to Salzburg, but while staying there I did take Bob's half day Sound Of Music Tour. I really enjoyed the tour and it was a great way to see areas outside of Salzburg. I would suggest if you have an interest in one of the tours, take a half day tour and spend the rest of the time on your own exploring Salzburg. The main sites in the city are all fairly closely located. You can spend a very enjoyable half day or more just exploring the old town area on your own. As much as I enjoyed the tour I went on, if I only had a day in Salzburg, I would skip the tour and just explore on my own.

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I actually wasn't planning to do the SOM tour but one of the others offered by Bob's Tours. There's one that includes Hallstatt; another is Berchtesgarden....

I've checked the train schedule and we can leave Munich at 6:00am-ish to make it to Salzburg in time to start a tour. We have no way around Salzburg except walking, which is why I thought a Bob's Tour would be good.

Or... perhaps hiring a personal tour guide? If anyone can suggest one?

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Why don't you just cut your time in Munich short a day, and spend one night in Salzburg? A one day whirlwind trip of Salzburg is just too difficult, as you'll not have time to see the city.

Salzburg is a very compact city, and you can easily walk and use a taxi to see the popular sights.

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I agree. 5 days in Munich is too long. I have been there numerous times and it keeps me busy for about a day. Why not just stay in Salzburg and make a day trip to Munich? That way, you can do Hallstatt, etc. at a more leisurely pace and really enjoy the mountains.

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I agree with Emily... but I love Salzburg and would spend more time there and less in Munich. I enjoy the fact that Salzburg is such a great place to walk around in. I think 3 night, leaving 2 full days is a good amount of time to get a really good feeling of the place, and not feel rushed.