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Day trip to Budapest or Salzburg?

I am flopping like a beached mackerel! I will be in Vienna for six days in December with two of my adult daughters. I recently asked about a day trip and decided upon Budapest, a 2:20 train ride each way. I then bought tickets. wmt1 then graciously volunteered superb Budapest tips and information that I copied and then mapped out.

Yesterday, while re-watching television shows regarding the Christmas Markets that I recorded two years ago and kept, all seem to feature Salzburg and it is very appealing. Salzburg too is about a 2:20 train ride.

So do I take a loss on the Budapest tickets and switch to Salzburg? Our primary interest is the Christmas Markets. Which city might have things different from the offerings in the Vienna Christmas Markets? I could fo both, one on Thursday and the other on Saturday, but that is a LOT of traveling.

I apologize for being such a pain and so undecided, but I am getting up in age and do not know how many more times I can take this trip and this is the first time with both daughters, so I want it to be memorable and special.

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It's purely a matter of opinion. While neither city can be "done" in a daytrip, there is much more to see in Budapest, and it is a plenty "romantic" city to look at. Salzburg is more subtle, and takes more time to get a feel for. I mean, for example, strolling through a cemetery and seeing that the US military governor of Salzburg loved it so much that he and his wife are buried there.

Disclosure: I'm not big on Christmas Markets, but that's partly because US Christmas markets sell so much imported merchandise. I have also been to plenty of (non-seasonal) flea markets (like in Antwerp, for example) in Europe where imported (especially Polish clothing, I thought) makes up much of the merchandise.

In December, a key fact for me would be which city has the most available versions of Glühwein?

Have you checked on southern Czech republic and Bratislava (haven't been there myself). For a 2:20 train ride, I'd consider hiring a car service if necessary for a day in Cesky Krumlov or the 3 T's (if they have Christmas markets, I guess, for you.) The question is whether you will ever get to Budapest, otherwise.

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Go to Budapest. Everything will seem like half price compared to Austria. Budapest is a world class city, while Salzburg is a comparative backwater. Ask yourself, "What would Mozart do?"

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Corona restrictions are tightening up at the moment in Austria and crossing a border might take extra time.

I'd stay within Austria on a day trip for sure. Salzburg is definitely magical, so not an option to regret at all.

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Budapest! Salzburg lovely but sleepy, outside of opera festival, and very expensive. Budapest fascinating, full of variety.

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As of today, the Austrian border is open without restrictions.

The Budapest markets only sell local crafts and Hungarian produced products; each vetted by a review board in advance.

The Budapest markets almost always rank among the top in reviews of all markets; every review is different but Budapest almost always hits the top 5 or so.

These are all subjective as h...., and there may be some ulterior motives behind the rankings, but it gives you a general idea of the better ones to visit.

This one its 2, no mention of Salzburg:
This one its 4 (and Salzburg is 2):
This one Budapest 3, Salzburg 6:

I wouldn't call Salzburg backwater: its a pretty city and either would be a good choice.

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I find both places to be great (though I find most places/things to be great). Having been to both Christmas markets, I think either will more than satisfy your hunger for such a market. If I were in your shoes and already had tickets to Budapest, that's where I would go. If the borders tighten, you can always go with Plan B.

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The time for cold feet are over. Budapest it is! wtm1 gave me excellent ideas and guidance. I will report back on my great time.

Again, a sincere thank you to all who have helped me by giving their opinion and ideas.