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Day trip to Bratislava

I will be in vienna in early July and I am considering a day trip to Bratislava. I have read Rick's section about the city in his book on Vienna. I am a little "on the fence" about visiting Bratislava. I know traveling is highly subjective, but any insights on your travels to Bratislava…. is it worth a visit ?
Thanks, BT

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I'll only partially answer your question. I considered visiting Bratislava as I picked up my rental car on the way out of Vienna. But I decided not to because taking the car into Slovakia added substantially to the daily insurance rate. So, I spent the day in Eisenstadt instead.

However, visiting by rail would eliminate this complication.

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Any time I have a chance to visit a new city in a new country (new to me anyway) I take it. I took a day trip to Bratislava from Vienna last summer and I enjoyed it. It was only a few hours there but for me it was worth it just to see a new place and get a feel for the people there. I didn't do a lot there as it was very hot the day I was there so I had to limit my exploring. I had a nice lunch, walked around the old town, poked in a few shops, picked up a couple of souvenirs, took some interesting photos, and just 'hung out'.

I went by train but then you have to take a bus from the train station to the old town area. The bus from Vienna drops you right by the old town square so that might be a little more convenient than the train - takes about the same time and I think costs about the same.

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I agree with Nancy's philosophy and certainly enjoyed a day in Bratislava on my first trip to that region (stayed overnight). On a later visit, I debated going back as a daytrip from Vienna, but just never made it due to the number of other Vienna attractions on my list. I think you can leave the decision flexible. But if a fear of the unknown is part of your hesitation, it need not be.

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Trains leave frequently from Vienna to Bratislava, and it was certainly a worthwhile trip for an afternoon for me. If anything, you can contrast the sophistication and sometimes over-the-top elegance of Vienna to the starkness of Bratislava, and realize what a different century each had.

If you can, try to go on a Sunday. Most shops in Vienna are shut down. Bratislava's old town is lively on Sundays.

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Thanks for asking Bill as I had the same question.

I will be in Vienna for 5 nights solo (arrive on a Wednesday around 330pm from Munich by train) through Monday (leaving that morning). I have never been to Vienna before and have a long list of museums and sights that interest me. But perhaps it is a good idea to get out of the city for part of a day to see a different kind of town and country?

If I do decide to venture outside the city, does anyone have strong feelings about doing the Melk to Krems boat ride versus Bratislava? I doubt I will be able to do both and Bratislava sounds more interesting based on reading the chapter in Ricks book.

Thanks as always for the great suggestions!


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We took the train from Vienna to Bratislava,like another poster said it is quite different from Vienna.We took the train tour around the town,it goes up to the castle and we had lunch on the square in town.I think it is a good change of pace,the train station in Bratislava is a throw back to other times.

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In July, take the high speed hydrofoil to Bratislava. The docks are just southeast of St. Stephens and there's a Vienna Metro stop right there. It delivers you into the Bratislava center city.
We took the trip by bus (39 miles), as the boats were not running in April.
Bratislava is a very worthwhile visit, and a place we used to rest for a couple of days. It's a very high tech, high income little town with the largest modern mall we've seen in Europe.

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Thanks everyone. I like the high speed hydrofoil idea to Bratislava.