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Day trip ideas from Salzburg?

We will be arriving in Salzburg by train from Munich on a Sunday morning and plan to spend the rest of that day and the next seeing sights in Salzburg. We have one more day, and I'm thinking of a day trip for the last day. (Not the castles, we will be in Fussen later if we decide to see them.) I know that Hallstatt is a very popular choice, and it looks beautiful, but I also know it could be crowded. I would be more interested in scenery and the countryside than historical sites, so maybe something like Hallstatt, but less crowded? We will be meeting the Alpine My Way Tour in Salzburg, so this will be our one stop in Austria. Or, is Hallstatt worth the crowds?

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If you want to go to Hallstatt, then go to Hallstatt. Crowds are overhyped.

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Not far from Salzburg you have Hohenwerfen, in contrast to Neuschwanstein with a history as a real castle, in a no less dramatic scenery. It's easily reached with taking the train to Werfen, two per hour, taking some 40 to 55 minutes.

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Hi there,
We don't mind crowds, but I will say the crowds - during the middle of the day - were daunting at Hallstatt. We were there in late May. That being said, we used the day to unwind and relax.

We were there with the RS May Way group, and I see they are not going to Hallstatt anymore. So here's the things there were listed as options, if you do go to Hallstatt: Boat rental, salt mine tour, walking tour (from his book), Hallstatt Museum, and a hiking trail. The lake is very, very beautiful!

In Salzburg, we took the bike ride out to Hellbrun Palace. So, it's not a day trip by car, by a day trip by bike. (Note - we are not bicyclists...just casual bike riders) The scenery was beautiful and relaxing.


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We (me, DH, & 2 boys ages 15 and 11) are going to Munich & Salzburg over spring break. I initially had a day trip to Hallstatt on the plan as I have been there before and it is stunning. I ended up cutting it when I couldn't justify 5 hours on a train when we only have 3 days in Salzburg. Instead, we are doing a 1/2 day trip to the salt mine at Hallein since it is less than 30 minutes one way. We are also planning a day trip to Hohenwerfen on Easter-glad to see a recommendation for it on this thread!

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One of the fun things at Burg Hohenwerfen is a show featuring many birds of prey, including a variety of falcons, turkeys, vultures, and eagles. The castle is an interesting place. Note that it is not wheelchair friendly - just walking around was quite strenuous. The bird show is quite interesting, however, and there are other displays and museums. There is also a nice cafe for lunch.

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Thanks for your input. I'll check these out! There seems to be a lot to choose from between all the history and scenery.

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If you have a car, the drive to Bad Ischl through the Salzkammergut is very scenic; there is also a bus through the same itinerary. Bad Ischl has a villa where Franz Joseph and Sisi spent the summer and the largest coffee and pastry shop in Austria :-)

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We took the bus to Berchtesgaden, walked along the river and had a picnic, then took the tour of Hitler's Eagle's Nest. It was scenic and historic at the same time -- easy day trip from Salzburg.

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Yes, Ice Cave at Werfen, also called Eisreisenhohle, Google image it. Tours will take you there, or take train to Werfen yourself.

Salt mine tours, or ask at train station for "salt ticket" that brings you to one via train and bus

Hitler's Hideout=Eagles' nest, both historical and great views on a clear day.

Take the boat ride on Konigsee (Google image it). You can take the bus there, leaves off a street near the train station (ask).

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Thanks all! We won't have a car. I'll sit down this weekend and look through all these options.

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The Watzmann Express bus (RVO 840) leaves hourly at about 15 minutes after from the Salzburg Hbf. It makes several stops (Mirabell Platz and across from the Altstadt) after leaving the Hbf and takes about 50 minutes to get to Berchtesgaden Hbf. An RVO TagesTicket, available from the driver for 10,20€ per adult, is good for unlimited rides on most RVO buses, so will cover the round-trip to/from Berchtesgaden.

However, the last return bus leaves the Berchtesgaden Hbf at 6:15 pm, so if you want to stay longer, you will have to take the train back. The train runs hourly at 32 minutes after until 8:32 pm. There is one train after that at 10:10 pm. The train takes 1h10. If you purchase a BGL TagesTicket Bus & Bahn for 12,-€ from the bus driver when you leave Salzburg, it is valid for either the bus or the train back.

Both the RVO TagesTicket and the BGL TagesTicket Bus & Bahn are also valid for most of the local buses in Berchtesgaden.

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My vote goes to Bad Ischl, if your interest in history is more than superficial. As pointed out correctly above, Franz Joseph had his summer villa there, which you may see but only by way of a German language tour. This is the Kaiservilla in the Kaiserpark for which you have to buy a ticket to enter.

I've been there a couple of times, it's a tourist attraction but they are overwhelmingly German. Historically, the tour is captivating.

A bus from Salzburg Hbf takes you directly to the Bad Ischl train station