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Day trip from Dolomites in Italy?

We'll be in Italy in late May and hope to visit the Austrian Alps for a day trip while there. Any advice on where to go and what to see? The alps are definitely what we are interested in, but I wasn't sure if one area was better than another for scenery (I'm a landscape photographer), weather, and proximity to the Dolomites.

Any must-see areas to photograph?

Also, I read that we may need a decal for our rental car if coming into Austria. Where do we buy one, and how much do they cost?


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The Austrian vignette is in place of tolls on the faster roads. If you can avoid Autobahns and S-roads in your mountain driving, then you don't need one. It's also possible that the car will already have a valid sticker. If you want to explore further into Austria, you can buy the cheapest version for 10 euros at a large gas station.

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As a general rule, Italian Dolomites have more dramatic landscapes than Austrian Alps; however, Dolomites being a fairly large area and a slow one to travel, if you do not state exactly where you are starting from, giving advice is difficult.

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Lech am Arlberg presents some really great views of the Austrian Alps, but I would not make it a day trip. I would do at least an overnight. May weather up there can be pretty unpredictable as well. The sticker you refer to is the Austrian Vignette and you can purchase it at gas stations before you cross over into Austria. Make sure you position it EXACTLY the way it is supposed to be on your car or you may get a nice ticket in the mail after you return home.

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My general rule- enjoy the Alps closest to you, rather than going out of your way to visit a distant Alpine location because some travel guide said it was the "best". The Alps are fantastic everywhere.

Italy actually has more of it's territory (total land area, not percentage) occupied by the Alps than any other country, and includes many subranges besides the Dolomites.

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Just a day trip? Innsbruck and the Zillertal region. Check out Seegrube bei Innsbruck.

If you can afford an overnight, it will reward you - you could also visit salt mines and waterfalls. In that case, go east to Zell am See / Kaprun and see the ice caves. Spend longer in this realm and go east to the Salzburgerland and visit HALLSTATT for one of the most picturesque spots in Europe.

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Hi Theresa,

Where are you staying/starting/ending this day trip to the Austrian Alps from?
Without this information, no one can make an informed, worthwhile suggestion.