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Danube cruise from Vienna

My husband and I are going to be in Vienna for 4 days at the beginning of September. We were wanting to do a day cruise down the Danube, possibly going to Melk and Kremes.
Would it be easiest to train to Melk then cruise to Krems followed by training back to vienna in the evening? As well as how would I go about purchasing tickets for the travel? Should I be biking before I leave or can it be done in Vienna?
We don't really want to book a group tour as we would prefer to explore on our own, as well as we are trying to do this on a budget.


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The 'usual' route is train to Melk, boat to Krems and train from Krems back to Vienna. You can also get off the boat to visit Durnstein and then take a bus to Krems to catch the train back to Vienna. I don't know anybody who took the boat from Vienna to Melk since the most scenic part (the Wachau valley) is between Melk and Durnstein.

You can get the package ticket at the train station in Vienna either ahead of time or before you leave on the day of your trip. I bought mine just before I went. If you buy the round trip package you get a train ticket (for both ways), an entrance ticket to the Abbey at Melk, and a ticket for the boat.

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The other post do not mention much about biking. My wife and I were in Melk and Krems in June 2010. We had a rental car and our bicycles so we found a zimmer along the Danube just outside Melk then biked down the Danube River to Krems - a very scenic, beautiful easy 4 hour ride. We then caught a river boat back to Melk in the evening. There were definitely bike rentals we saw in Kremes near the Information offices but am not sure about bike rentals in Melk. It is billed as one of the most scenic sections of the Danube so am sure a bit of research you could find bicycle rentals. Later we biked into Vienna - a longer run but not as scenic in our view. Well worth the time to explore. We recommend get off the trail and explore the side streets - many family wineries and home made goods are for sale along the way.