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Cross Country Travel

We will be coming to Austria in late August starting in Vienna for a 2 week tour. We want to visit Saltsburg, Innsbruck, and Hallstatt as well as a trip to the Eagles Nest in Germany. We intend to fly out of Vienna. Would it be better to use the trains for rent a car once we leave Saltsburg? Or maybe we fly out of Innsbruck??

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Many people touring Austria will also visit Bavaria flying into or out of Munich and flying open jaw into or out of Vienna. It'd be a shame to be so close to Munich and not take in some of the many tourist attractions of this major city.

You could use trains to go to/from Salzburg and Vienna or Munich and Salzburg. But to really see the majesty of the Austrian Alps requires a rental car. Roads are very good and not at all difficult to drive--other than being a little crooked. The thing is you want to pickup and return the rental car in the same country to avoid very expensive drop off charges.

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Car or train seems to be a personal preference. For many in these Forum train travel in Europe is at the top of their list. I live in neighboring Germany and have my own car. I travel Austria with my car most trips, but I do use public transportation from a base. I have not used the Austrian Autobahns or purchased a Autobahnvignette in years. I set my Navi for “No Tolls” and let it take me along. I do pay the tunnel fares and have put the car on trains. I’ve had some “Adventure Tours” with the Navi's chosen route, but that’ part of the fun. I also have a Cabrio, so driving with the top down on secondary roads in the Alps in good weather is a highlight. Take the time and review Austrian/German road rules, watch for “Blitzer,” and be ready for narrow twisting roads and high fuel prices. Parking can also be challenging at times.