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Covid shutdowns in Austria and Slovenia

My daughter and I (both vaccinated) are considering a fall trip to Austria and Slovenia. Has anyone been there recently and are some of the restaurants and sites like Lake Bled and Hallstatt shutdown because of Covid?

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I’m here in Austria right now - I live here. Things are open for now, but may change soon - who knows. Currently, you are required to wear masks just about everywhere. You are also required to show proof of vaccination or a negative test to get in just about anywhere except shops and public transportation. Hallstatt is a town - you can't shut down a town, people live there :).

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There are no shutdowns at the moment, and it is very unlikely that there will be any more in the future. Due to the economic damage the previous shutdowns have created there is an enormous pressure by the businesses onto the government to avoid new shutdowns under all circumstances.

Mask wearing my be extended if the fourth wave of infections caused by the Delta variant will surge, and a proof of vaccination is likely to become the standard requirement for access to most places.