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Covid-19 Booster Valid for 270 days?

My husband and I were hoping to travel to Austria in July 2022. We are physicians and both received our boosters end of August and start of September 2021. Am I correct in stating that our boosters would no longer be valid if we travel in July 2022?

According to guidelines from Austria updated on Jan 20, 2022:
"Full Vaccination
Attention: The below mentioned validity dates are only valid for ENTRY INTO Austria. From 1 February 2022, two-dose vaccinations are only valid for 180 days when IN Austria. However, for ENTERING the 270 days remain in place. The booster vaccination is valid for 270 days in both scenarios."

While a fourth shot has not yet been recommended, I am assuming I would need another booster prior to travel this July. Please advise if I am correctly interpreting this guideline. Thank you!

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We are in an identical situation , As we are booked for a month in Austria - October into November 2022 ( Largely , in Vienna ) there is no current way to assess what things will be like at that time . With everything changing rapidly , the first issue is likely to be what the clinical information as to the durability ( two shots , and booster ) turns out to be , in the next several months . The current requirements for the other countries we are visiting are also changing rapidly . Switzerland , for example , just dropped the requirement for multiple periodic testing on arrival , and several days later . So , don't be too concerned , things should become settled as time progresses

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We need to wait to see what the medical data tells us and how each country reacts. I've just booked a flight to Italy for about 3 weeks before my six months of (current) booster validity will expire, and I have every intention of staying in Italy for about six weeks. I think the odds are good that either we'll be advised to get another booster or Italy will extend the six-month time limit. I will not be making any non-refundable purchases related to the trip until at least one of those things occurs; in the meantime, I'm trying not to think about it.

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Yes...if your booster or last jab is more than 270 days from your date of arriving it's out of date. That said, a test is accepted in lieu of a COVID jab. Also that said...we may be in full endemic mode by that time...who knows what the entry restrictions will be?

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Thank you for your comments. After I created my post, I realized this issue has been raised in other travel forums. No one knows what will happen after the Omicron surge has waned. Each country’s entry rules will likely change at least one more time. I am someone who likes to carefully plan a trip in advance. With so much uncertainty ahead, hotel reservations need to be refundable if cancelled, and flights need to be refundable (or at least allowed to rebook without fees).