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Coffee in Vienna (and elsewhere)

Greetings all,

I finally decided after reading about various cafes and coffee culture to ask this question.
Is what we would call a cafe latte known as a coffee 'mit Milch" ? Or is it called something else?

And while cream (or often half and half) is readily available at any store in the US, what it is called in Austria and Germany? I've seen something that resembles evaporated milk or heavy whipping cream offered at hotel breakfasts but not sure exactly what it is. It seems thicker than half/half.

Luxury questions I know!

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It doesn't seem to be online, but if you go to a cafe in the Aida chain for your first visit, they have an extremely clear introductory coffee menu in both German and English, with diagrams indicating the relative cup sizes and precise proportions of each ingredient.

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Many hotels in Europe serve UHT milk that is processed at Ultra High Temperature and shelf-stable without refrigeration until opened. I don't care for it.

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I've always remembered Rick's take on UHT milk - "it will never go bad - or taste good."