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Church services in Vienna with music

Can anyone suggest a church service In Vienna on Sunday where we can hear choir music? I see that Saint Michaels has three services on Sunday at 9, 10 and 12. Is there a particular mass that one can hear the choir?


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The best choice is the Sunday choral mass at the Augustinerkirche which is part of the Hofburg complex. It is free.

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I agree with Emily-we went there and it was sublime!

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I vote with Emily´s recommendation, too.

I believe the Mass starts at 11. Get there around 10- 10:15 to get a good seat. You will hear the most glorious music and choir while you wait for Mass to begin. 10:55 a lot more people will be arriving so be prepared for that crush.

CD’s of the Mass are available on the way out. I bought several to give as gifts..

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Thank you so much for the suggestion to attend Mass at the Augustinekirche for their Sunday service. We arrived at 10:20 and easily found seats in the front center section. As Emily noted, there are people arriving right up to 11 am so do try to arrive early. It was a high Mass spoken in German and lasted about 1 1/4 hours. The Choir was simply amazing. Their singing was so beautiful and awe inspiring.

Offerings of 8E each are gently suggested to offset the costs of the Choir’s efforts and can be deposited before or after the service with the people handing out brochures. It is a parish church so they also pass the collection plate during Mass.

For restrooms go back outside and enter the State Hall across the cobblestone courtyard. Once inside go to floor 1.

Enjoy Vienna !

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glad you had a good time. Great detailed notes. Thanks