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Christmas Market ideas using Munich as a hub?

I am considering going to Munich in early December for six days to hit some Christmas markets. I am not against renting a car and driving to other towns markets. I have been to Vienna markets, so I am not interested in going there (although their markets were very good).

Can I get suggestions please?

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You probably could accomplish the same thing using the train. We spent Christmas week in Munich with a car and had snow and ice four days out of the seven. Made driving a problem. We wish we had stuck with the train.

PS Your question should have been posted in Germany where Munich is.

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Nuremberg, Augsburg, Regensburg, Prague, Salzburg are all within easy enough train trips. BUT, for variety look around for some smaller town markets which can be more charming...

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I am not against renting a car and driving to other towns markets.

You should be. Take the train instead if you want to visit markets in other towns.

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But how will you drink Punsch and Gluhwein if you have to then drive somewhere?

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We did the markets this past December in Munich, Leipzig, Cologne, Frankfurt and also Zurich since our flight left from there. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend any of these, we had a wonderful time.

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I agree with all of the above. Some of the small local markets come and go. The first years are great, then they get discovered, overcrowded and some eventually close. I would contact the München Tourist Office and ask. The local markets are generally open for only one or two Advent weekends. Usually, the second and third. Getting there with public transportation would be different, but not sure it warrants a rental car. Landshut, DE too, even now that they moved it to the Festplatz. It's a nice place to visit.