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Christmas in Vienna

We are in the early stages of planning a holiday in December with another couple.
We are considering a mid December 2022, maybe through Christmas for a week long stay.
Any suggestions/recommendations for places to stay (old town district) central area to minimize walking distances.
Also, restaurant recommendations.
Thank you all in advance.

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We spent a Christmas 2019 in Vienna. Through stayed here. Apartments but front desk like a hotel. Great location.
Singerstraße 21-25, 01. Innere Stadt, Vienna, 1010, Austria

We had tickets to Vienna Boys Choir on Christmas day.

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Priscilla - The OP is talking about December 2022, so the current lockdown isn't relevant.

lmeyer484 - The center of the city of Vienna is called the First District or the Innere Stadt. Sadly, what was mostly considered the "old town" was demolished in the 19th century. You should know that Christmas, especially Dec. 24, is a very quiet period in Austria and just about everything will be closed. Most Christmas Markets end on Dec. 24, although a few reinvent themselves as New Year's markets after Christmas. You will want to check opening dates of museums and other attractions so you are not disappointed. The Christmas lights will still be up, though! Recommendations on a place to stay really depends on your budget. What were you hoping to spend per night? Please note that for a decent hotel in the First District during the holidays, you are looking at at least $250/night unless you are very lucky. With restaurants, have a look at my list here - This is a list of places I have been to again and again, not just a one time experience.

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Thank you Emily,
The cost of $250 per night is not a deal breaker, but we may look at an apartment option given your comment about closures during Christmas. Being able to do our own cooking could solve that problem.
We definitely want to attend concerts and any holiday programs. We highly value as much cultural experience as possible in our travels.

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Thanks for correcting me, I misread the post!

Sorry Imeyer.... I will delete my irrelevant post.

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We learned in previous experiences to start your trip in a new city with a guided food tour. If you get a good guide, you learn so much about the city, the culture and the food and drinks. Wolfy’s Adventures Good Evening Vienna tour exceeded all of our expectations! I think Rick would approve of all the authentic places he takes you. Highly recommend!

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We're huge fans of the Motel One chain thru out Europe. There is one now in Vienna behind the Opera House. Rooms are 147 sq feet with a nice size bathroom, king or queen bed with a flat screen on the wall at the foot of the bed. I checked the rate and it's 133.00 a night. The hotel is new in an old building with your choice of breakfast for around 14.00. You cannot beat the price or the place.

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TravelLady, we just stayed at Motel One and loved it!